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This RB store is maintained by Milli, a 27 year-old digital artist. All proceeds aid in the prevention of the store owner starving to death in a cardboard box (and sometimes the purchase of pretty things on Etsy).


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Popcorn Customer Photos

Customer photos for my Popcorn design.
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BLESS THE PERSON WHO PURCHASED MY MUTLI-SHIPPERS ARMADA SHIRT APPROXIMATELY 10 HOURS AGO! YOU ARE MY FIRST EVER CUSTOMER! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW! I CAN’T EVEN. OMG / So I am now $4.09 richer. Wooooooo! I still need another $15.91 before RB deposits anything into my Paypal, but I am still super stoked about my first sale. Also, it looks like someone spread the word a bit maybe? There s…
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