Sick Sick Sick

He’d got the idea from reading a Kurt Vonnegut book about military scientists trying to make an isotope of water which froze at a higher temperature.

Ironically Vonnegut got the idea reading about military scientists, in the 60’s, trying to make psychotropic drugs for use in warfare.

Nathan was a scientist trying to make psychotropic drugs for use in warfare.

He’d come up with an unstable isotope of sugar which was made up of 6 atoms of carbon, 6 of hydrogen, and 6 of oxygen instead of the 12 atoms of carbon, 22 of hydrogen, and 11 of oxygen you get in normal table sugar, or the 6 atoms of carbon, 12 of hydrogen, and 6 of oxygen you get in glucose.

Sugar6 would degrade back to normal sugar in 48 hours unless it was stored in sub zero temperatures; but in those 48 hours: it would convert every type of sugar molecule it came into contact with into Sugar6 for 48 hours. The beauty of it was that, if seeded properly, it could spread like wild fire; but those in the know could lock down and control its spread.

Nathan was expecting that the effects on humans would be similar to Angel Dust: his observations on primates had been inconclusive; after initial nausea they had started fighting and seemed to have increased strength and a higher pain threshold

Nathan was eager to test out his invention; but the military were dubious of the benefits of psychotropic drugs after their earlier experiments in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

The only solution he could come up with was to test it out surreptitiously.

After a great deal of soul searching he decided the best solution was to sponsor his old High School’s Annual Halloween Ball. He knew it wasn’t exactly ethical, but he figured that most of them would be doing drugs by the time they got to college, so he was just going to give them a freebie!

Five Points was a piss ant town in the middle of nowhere which was famous for absolutely nothing; its biggest export was people; anyone with any sense left as soon as they got the chance.

The Social Committee had been so ecstatic that one of their successful students had returned; that they didn’t even question why, 15 years after walking out vowing never to return to Five Points, Nathan was back.
And why, exactly, were Tactical Pharmacology sponsoring a high school ball.

Nathan was proud of the way that he’d decorated the hall; he thought that he’d managed to do justice to the theme: In every corner there were swooping witches on brooms. Every nook and cranny blossomed with luminous glow in the dark skulls, ghouls and ghosts, skeletons. He’d invested in a dry ice machine, and had spared no expense on the refreshments and the buffet. All of which would be free.

Nathan set up remote cameras which beamed back images to the van he had parked in the school lot.
He’d told the school that he wanted to use some of the footage for publicity around Tactical Pharmacology community and education programmes; but that they just wanted to film the students acting naturally and not make a big deal about things.

As the students started to turn up and the party started to get into full swing nobody noticed the blacked out van in the parking lot.
When nothing had happened; no fighting, no signs of any abnormal behaviour: Not even the expected vomiting; Nathan was puzzled.
He was certain that Sugar6 would have produced the same result in humans.

There was only one thing for it; he’d have to go back into the hall and try and reseed the punch, and anything else he could get to, without drawing attention to himself.

He went back into the school and walked past the courting couples in the corridor, on entering the main hall he nearly tripped over a couple dry humping in front of the doorway.
There was something seriously wrong here; they were all bloody at it!
Where were the teachers; what were they doing to stop it.
He scanned the room for the adults and to his horror saw that Coach Jenkins had his trousers round his ankles and was being fellated by Mrs Cartwright the Maths teacher.
Things had certainly changed at Five Points since he moved away!

Standing in the middle of this Bacchanalian scene he suddenly felt very out of place; and very vulnerable.
Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined the Sugar6 would produce such an opposite reaction to those he had observed in the lower primates.
Still he could always look into marketing it as a recreational sex drug.

Then it happened.

There was a mass of uncontrolled of uncontrolled vomiting which, in the main, didn’t seem to put the couples off their stride. If anything it made their actions more frenzied.

Nathan was rooted to the spot; fascinated by being in the midst of such a large scale psychotropic drug experiment. A broad smile spread across his face as he realised he had captured all of this debauched chaos on camera.

While his extensive notes provided this fascinating insight into the background to this experiment, I know about his last minutes from the hours of video footage I watched through in his van.

Nathan was still smiling as the crazed mob literally tore him limb from limb, he knew that Sugar6 worked after all. He had succeeded in making the ultimate tactical pharmacological weapon.

Washington had me cordon off the whole area until the Feds and CIA arrived.
They spent an hour bickering over whose jurisdiction it came under before the real spooks turned up.
They landed in a fleet of Black Hawks, set up their own cordon and command centre, and sent everyone but me away.

I don’t know how they managed it, but none of this hit the news, and you’ll never read about in a news paper.

Sick Sick Sick

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My Entry for Twisted Tales Sugar High Challenge

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