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Mick Yates

Mick Yates

Doynton, United Kingdom

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I like to travel and used to paint and draw. Maybe my head is still in the 60’s. My wife and I (and the kids) try to do something about the people of this world that aren’t as lucky as us.

My photography? I have used Nikon for 30 years, and have been mainly digital since the D1. Now using the D800, which really pushes one’s skills. And I love the Leica M9-P, especially for urban and street. Often use an Olympus E-P3 when travelling. My best work is eclectic, and depends on the mood. I like to find character and love colour – but I also enjoy the strength in form and composition of black and white.

If I have any kind of “vision”, it is about a “sense of place or personality” – who, what, where, when.

I am a longtime devotee of Photoshop and Lightroom – not just to enhance but to extend photography into the world of painting. Favourite filters include Nik Silver Efex Pro, for black and white, and Nik Color Efex.

And I also like to use words to explain and teach. I have been online in different ways for quite a while, with LeaderValues, focused on leadership development, as my main site. You might also like my leadership blog , musings from an artist’s soul , my bubblesite and 500.px .

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Communication / talking without words / an instant impression / of time / the constant value / revealing itself / in the depths / of our hearts / Written 1969 / It was a week of variety. There was a collection of toilet pods, pink for ladies, blue for men. Fun and funky, and who would have thought that images of toilets could ever look like an alien space ship, recently arrived in the Capital Cit…
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Reflections on 2010 - with a little help from the 60's

It has been an excellent Holiday break, and I hope you have all also had a great time with family and friends. Like many of you, I am sure, I was lucky enough to get some time on things that I do not usually get around to – mainly artwork and photography – and I set myself the project of creating a gallery of “good stuff”. / I’ve been a long-time user of “flick…
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Dignity & Respect for all

When I wrote this, I was listening to Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, talk at the Royal Society of Arts about the role of Faith in Social Development. I know the world of Social Development, having been involved in that for many years through activities in Save the Children, both at grass roots and institutional levels. And I am not a religious person. / Still, the Archbishop’s wo…
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