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Not all my iPhone designs are on Samsung, can anyone help?

Hey everybody! great to wake up this morning and find that RB now offers Samsung cases, BUT my most recent and best selling iphone cases are NOT available as Samsung cases! why not?? what should I do? any advice? Some of my designs DO show up when I click on shop > Samsung (under my own profile) but they are older designs and not my recent work. I would very much like to fix this!!



  • Mieke Boynton
    Mieke Boynton8 months ago

    Maybe it’s a sizing thing, Micklyn? I think the Samsung cases are taller? Perhaps click on “Edit” for one of your recent designs and see what it says there… underneath iPhone covers it should have Samsung covers. Maybe it’s hidden there? I dunno??

  • Hey Mieke, thanks for trying to help me!! I have gone and edited some, and chosen “Show” on the Samsung option, which works. But I’m hoping in time they will all show up, even if I don’t do that!! :)

    – micklyn

  • favoritedarknes
    favoritedarknes8 months ago

    Same happens to me. You have to go to each phone case design and select “show” for the samsung galaxy ones. It’s quite annoying :-(

  • Thanks, favoritedarknes! Annoying, yes! Although I WAS doing that, and then some suddenly started showing up that I hadn’t done that to, and then more…. so maybe it is just a time issue? maybe they will all be there if I just leave it alone? : )

    – micklyn

  • Tangerine-Tane
    Tangerine-Tane8 months ago

    I have the same problem…only fifteen of my designs are available as samsung cases…I wonder why. :(

  • Fix it, T-T!! your designs are so cute, they need to be seen!! : )

    – micklyn

  • Sally Kate Yeoman
    Sally Kate Yeoman8 months ago

    I’m not sure, at first it looked like none of mine were showing so I started going through and selecting ‘show’ beside the Samsung line, but eventually I got to some that were already showing. Don’t know if it is just a timing thing – ie. taking a while for the site to process all our case info.

  • Thanks, Sally! I think you may be right, may be a timing thing… I’m really hoping so, because who has got time to go through all their designs and fix them one by one? : ) Will wait and see!

    – micklyn

  • Ingz
    Ingz8 months ago

    Yes only old work shows up!

  • Does it still, dearest Ingrid? some more of mine are showing now. But still not all of them, though I haven’t checked in the last hour…. ; )

    – micklyn

  • Roberta Angiolani
    Roberta Angiolani8 months ago

    This morning I also had the pleasant surprise.
    I had to slightly modify only one of my drawings “designed” for mobile phones.
    By doing this, when I went to “edit” I have noticed that there are options to “hide” or “show” the two types of cell

  • I saw that, too, Roberta!! but I’m seriously hoping that all of mine will automatically show!! : ) I don’t feel like editing all of them!! will wait and see. Thanks!!

    – micklyn