The Incident - 23

The Incident – 23

+ 8 Days : 02 Hours : 10 Minutes

…and who signs out for an #### anti tank rocket launcher.

That would be the Staff Seargent, Sir.

Even if it’s just one?

Yes sir, specifically if it’s just one. All single orders are scrutinized severely. Sir.


Yes, Sir.

So what about an order of fifty for maneuvers, would he scrutinize that one.

Of course, Sir.

But you said specifically if it’s a single one. With the larger orders is it checked as much?

Larger orders are often for divisions. The orders are checked outside our division, Sir.

So if I wanted, say, 55 #### anti tank disposable wire guided rocket launchers, I’d hand you the paperwork and you’d trundle them out on a trolley for me?

Yes, Sir.

And who counts them?
I do, Sir.

Including this order?


Yes sir, that is my signature.

And that was 55 #### rounds needed for training purposes?

I believe so Sir. The paperwork checked out.

Now, Corporal, here’s the really worrying bit for me. There were 235 items in the month end report for February. You and the Staff Seargent signed off on that, you moved 55 for training purposes to the Simpson barracks. You had 8 you reported as possibly damaged and sent for checks and repairs. And you had 171 items in the month end report for March. These are your reports?

Yes Sir.

So where is the last rocket launcher?
Cos, I’m still adding up and not meeting the full 235.

It could have been with the damaged ones, Sir.

No, No, No, and definitely no. I can’t see it any of the other reports. You signed off on 8.

We have some missing stock on occasions, Sir. It’s not common but it happens.

It’s a fucking rocket launcher. It’s not a knick knack at #### supermarket.
Where the hell is it corporal?

I don’t know, Sir. It’s all how it worked out. I counted it multiple times, Sir.It’s a manual counting system. I could have counted wrong…

How many times do you count it then, soldier?

2 maybe, 3 times, Sir. I try…

How many times would you count it, Corporal?

Twice, Sir. Twice and a cross check too….

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Many people were affected when the incident occurred,
It’s ramifications hit all people in all walks of life. The audacity of the plan, the violent impact and the responses sent minds reeling.


There will always be a story, somewhere.

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