Removal of Writing

It’s been a while but…

Over the next few weeks I’ll be removing my writing from Red Bubble. It’ll be a slow process so some may stay up than others but I have already removed a few older pieces to my backup.

I hope you all are traveling well.

2. Cobble stones and tramways of the Czeck Republic


Previously: 1. The old soul of Hungary being devoured by the new Budapest


  • ’That’s no castle, that’s a space station. Oh wait, no, it is a castle’
  • ‘Hot Wine stops, every 15 minutes.’
  • ’I’m just trying to use this Burger King fee internet for 10 more minutes, I just bought a burger from you.’

Leaving Budapest and the wonders of multicoloured roof tiles I was wondering what kind of impression I’d get from Prague, a city described lovingly by so many people I had met. The journey to get there, through a dark afternoon in Bratislava was meant to give me some indication though my late arrival at Hlavni did limit my photos of the Czech Republic until the next day.

With a good amount of naivety I managed to pick up my first si…

Some recent work for Work

I do have another job apart from posting on Red Bubble (and occasionally Facebook) that I have, in the past, had a good chance to take a few photos for. I posted about this in a journal post here .

But since then I’ve had a good chance to work on a few new covers and those have included 2 full sketches. I’ve posted a bit about this with the two sketches but I should put it into the concetext of the actual document that I’m using.

Each of these guides is printed with between 6000 – 9000 production and distributed to the legal practices around Melbourne. Historically this has been a solid colour design with text or metallic prints but in these cases the design has had a good chance to stand out.

Cover for Volume 3 and Internal Cover for Volume 4 of 2012.

Indication …

1. ‘The old soul of Hungary being devoured by the new Budapest’


  • ‘The most colourful roof tiles by far’
  • ’Don’t brush up against that 300 year old stone wall, it may fall apart’
  • ‘This trains interior looks like it’s a 70’s advertising lounge’

Many things approached my mind as i landed in Budapest and I was more relieved to step out of the cramped cabin of a plane than think I’d just landed in a country where I don’t speak a word of the language.

But this is a city that won me over with it’s tenacity. It’s work on rebuilding itself as best as possible while tourists wandered around in a daze. From either side of the Danube the pristine facades are interspersed with the the fallen ones. The evidence of a Soviet invasion of many years ago still haunt the streets while a new Me…

Some kind of European wonder

I haven’t travelled to Europe in quite a while,

in fact, the last time I did take a distance journey across the globe I was in an entirely different headspace, relationship and position I am in now. But I didn’t expect to come away from my most recent trip the way I have. As the first time I’ve truly travelled solo I’ve found it to be such a different and mind bending experience, it’s not just a walk down Degraves St to meet a train.

So I’ll break the experience down into segments and post the photos and sketches I did along the way. I’ll try and post a new one every few days but here’s the headings (and the links as I write it).

1. The old soul of Hungary being devoured by the new Budapest

2. Cobble stones and tramways of the Czeck Republi

Competition Entry - EB Games Expo

About a month ago I decided to put my head down and get a competition entry in for an Artboy gallery competition entry.

As an avid games fan and gamer I felt that I could put my head into a good frame for a piece based on any number of the games I’ve played over time. The game that instantly sprang to mind was a Lucasarts point and click classic “Grim Fandango” following a soul across the land of the dead. The game is inspired by the Mexican festival of the dead using the stylistic imagery to portray the land in a combination of mexican artwork and a film noir style.

In the process of sketching I also decided to focus on a Rorschach test, the symmetrical ink blot test and use a 5 of the major characters (and 2 of the vehicles) to indicate the main protaginist, Manny…

My First Book (and my nieces too)

While I can never spell niece without spell check I do happen to have 3 of them and a nephew among my relatives.

My eldest niece, Charlotte, has just turned 3 and has received a book I made for her, the first picture book I’ve drawn since I was only 8(and that was about aliens and lasers and marshmellows) but I wanted to give her a character and story made just for her.

Enter Charlotte Bell:

Her sister Alexandra Clock joined:

And two other friends to round it out:

While it won’t win any prizes for story-telling I’m happy to give something different to my family, especially while they still think I’m cool.

The whole 12 pages are viewable here on my Facebook page. So enjoy it and then smile when you next try to spell ne…ni….that word I was trying to spell…

Pimp my Ukulele (Melbourne Ukulele Festival) - Elephant Edition

Recently, after deciding that living under my rock wasn’t being entirely creative enough, I decided to enter the Pimp My M.U.F. competition for the Melbourne Ukulele Festival.

Use a Ukulele as a base for an art piece.

My thoughts:
Ukulele……Elephant in disguise.

So to start off I went out and bought a white Uke with a black neck:

and then bought a lump of white quick-set clay, some white acrylic paint and collected some floristry wire at home to start on the initial segment of the project.

On collecting all these together I spent a few days slapping the clay on the shiny surface forming the brow, the jowls to put the tusks on and the bridge to hook the ears. The floristry wire provided a good structural support on the jowls so I could make up the Tusks then hold the…

South Island New Zealand | Just don't say no

Recently I posted a journal post of two 3D images in a post called The world | NOW IN 3D that had originated from a recent trip to the land of the long white Cloud. I thought I’d share a few of the pics in 2 journal posts from my wife Lucky Vegetable and I driving around the picturesque scenery.

Millford Sound (and a little boat for about 200 people)

West coast beach (on a rainy day)

Lake Tekapo (It always look aqua)

On the way to Millford Sound

The Colonels House

Ominous scenes just outside Christchurch