Projects, People and Places

After last years Calendar I had a bit of time off with some family things, some geographical shifts and some general head space things that I had to do but I’m now back on some kind of track for putting things out regularly again.

I’ve a blog called Visual Crash that now has regular updates of a sketch every Monday, to brighten your day, make you feel a little more special and make you smile…..hopefully.

I’m also in a big enough space to allow me to get the School of Faces Project going without affecting my wife or Dog (at least). Now it may take a lot longer than I had originally planned it but I’m getting into the flow of it so we should have some form of visual updates with first sketches hitting the panels.

Lastly I’d just like to make a big shout…

Making of 'Malevolent Cutlery'

So, after putting together the piece Malevolent Cutlery yesterday I thought I’d run you through the process of making a tee like that. I’ve, (hopefully) broken it down into the

1. Initial Sketch & Preparation
So initially, after sketching away I came up with the idea of Malevolent Cutlery and, after getting the sketch to a point I was happy with, I scanned it in( left ). Using the scan I traced out the outer line and inner (with the sloped metal surfaces for this one) breaking it into two almost identical magenta silhouettes( middle & right ).

2. Background Shading
Placing the back layer into the teeshirt template I worked on the shadows and highlights ( left ) before placing some highlight bands over the front layer ( right ) and using a slight vertical gradient to give…