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"Noble" and "Rainbows & Sunshine"

I have just updated the image for “Noble” the print of my charcoal German Shepherd painting so that he is now available for purchase in items other than just the card and small laminated print!

I have also added a new pastel painting that I have done of a gorgeous Newfoundland puppy – “Rainbows and Sunshine” is quite a bit different to my normal tightly detailed and realistic drawings and paintings. I went a little wild with colour, and I have to admit that it was both a lot of fun and very liberating to portray black fur in any other colour than black!

This looser more expressive style is something that I am quite interested in exploring further, so I would love to know what others think of this ‘style’.



Fine Art & Photograph

Win a Laminated Print!

Yay for me! I have finally got my new website up and running smoothly and have just added a newsletter feature to be able to keep my visitors and art collectors updated on events and happenings as well as give advance notice of original artwork for sale before it is listed on my website AND this will also enable me to make ‘members only’ offers and other interesting things!

To celebrate, I am offering a FREE laminated print of choice to one lucky person who subscribes to my email newsletter between now and 1st November 2008.

Just visit my blog and enter your email address in the box provided. Hey, the winner could be you! Normal privacy rules apply, your email addy will be kept confidential and only used to receive the newsletter and/or blog post updates (your choice) and y…

Adding some new stuff

Well I havn’t had time to add any new stuff for quite some time, you know how life gets sometimes!

I had some artwork, paintings and drawings from last year that I have added and some new photography…I have about, ooooh I dunno 20,000 odd photo’s to go through when I get the chance. I think I need more hours in the day to do everything I am supposed to do!

I have heaps of gorgeous photos of my border collies, dog agility and photos from our trip to Denmark.

I guess I better stop yapping and get some more uploaded:)


I’ve just added a couple more abstract photography images to my portfolio. I was going to add a few more, but then questions formed in my mind.

I create abstract photography and yet draw and paint with a very high degree of realism – photorealism in many cases. What on earth does that say about me as an artist? Or as a person for that matter? Am I just striving for balance in expressing my creativity (being a Libran thats quite possible), or am I just plain weird (quite possible as well)?

To be successful as an artist (painter or photographer), those in the know claim that you must specialise, find a niche and develop it.

I read a quote today that has resonated with me all day – “Art is not in the eye of the beholder, Art is in the heart of the artist”. …

My art on RB Homepage

I have had a bit of a hectic week, just popped in to redBubble for a little r&r and on checking my “activity monitor” I found that my black and tan dachshund painting, Major the springer spaniel and “Waiting” the Bullmastiff were all featured on the redBubble homepage on May 29 and “Intense” on May 22. I am totally blown away!

What an incredible honour to have so many of my artwork considered worthy enough to be picked for display on the RedBubble homepage!

Thankyou so much RB, I LOVE you!

My "Art for Animal Rescue" Program

There are so many animals of different kinds that end up in Rescue due to abandonment or abuse, not to mention the huge number of wild animal species affected by human behaviour and destruction of habitats. Most of the Rescue and Charity Organizations that help theses animals depend solely on donations to help them continue with their work.

Like most animal lovers, I support various animal charities, but Ive always wanted to be able to do more to help more of these organizations continue with their wonderful (and desparately needed) work. The problem of course is that there are so many worthwhile animal charities that need help, from dogs and cats to native Australian animals, tigers, pandas, wolves and endangered wildlife worldwide, how is it possible to help all those in need of financ…

Page Five Popularity! Yay Me!

Wow and WooHoo!

I wake up this morning to find even more fantastic changes to RedBubble, and was blown away to find my photo of “Gandalf in the Garden” on Page five in the new Popular Gallery, “The Eyes Have It” and “Reflections” both on page six and “Sand Dunes near South Mole Lighthouse” on page nine, “Elemental Power” (my favourite shot of the Albany Wind farm) on page ten.

What a boost to my fragile artist’s ego:)

Oh happy day!

T-Shirts for dummies?

Help please. I’m not sure that I know what I am doing with my t-shirt image. I downloaded the template but can’t figure out how to copy the image into it using Photoshop. Plus it was portrait orientation and the image I wanted to add was landscape. LOL so the first time I did it it actually loaded sideways on the t-shirt!

Can I just go into image – re-size, and then change the pixel dimensions to 2400w x 3200h and save as png? What about if the image is in landscape format, and changing it to 2400w drops the pixel height too low?

Any and all help appreciated!


My first entry!

I’ve finally had a chance to add a few images to my portfolio, so far only a few of them are available for sale because I need to take bigger pictures or ones of the final artwork that actually has my signature on it.

A few images will remain as “not for sale” because they are commissioned artwork that I do not have permission to profit from print sales.

In addition, have three new dog acrylic paintings nearly completed that I will be adding later this week, hopefully. Yep, as you can probably tell, I’m mostly a dog painter. Some people see dead people. Well, I paint dogs.

And other animals, specifically pets such as cats and horses, because I am a pet portrait artist, but dogs are my usual subject matter and the major inspiration for my artwork.

Ready for a sh…