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I am a West Australian artist specialising in “up close and personal” pet portraiture and wildlife art in a variety of Fine Art mediums including graphite, charcoal, pastels, colour pencils, acrylics, oils and photography. I have recently ventured into the realm of digital art, replacing my traditional canvas with a wacom tablet and my paint brush with a stylus.

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  • Joined: May 2007


"Noble" and "Rainbows & Sunshine"

I have just updated the image for “Noble” the print of my charcoal German Shepherd painting so that he is now available for purchase in items other than just the card and small laminated print! / I have also added a new pastel painting that I have done of a gorgeous Newfoundland puppy – “Rainbows and Sunshine” is quite a bit different to my normal tightly detailed an…
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Win a Laminated Print!

Yay for me! I have finally got my new website up and running smoothly and have just added a newsletter feature to be able to keep my visitors and art collectors updated on events and happenings as well as give advance notice of original artwork for sale before it is listed on my website AND this will also enable me to make ‘members only’ offers and other interesting things! / To cel…
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Adding some new stuff

Well I havn’t had time to add any new stuff for quite some time, you know how life gets sometimes! / I had some artwork, paintings and drawings from last year that I have added and some new photography…I have about, ooooh I dunno 20,000 odd photo’s to go through when I get the chance. I think I need more hours in the day to do everything I am supposed to do! / I have heaps of go…
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I’ve just added a couple more abstract photography images to my portfolio. I was going to add a few more, but then questions formed in my mind. / I create abstract photography and yet draw and paint with a very high degree of realism – photorealism in many cases. What on earth does that say about me as an artist? Or as a person for that matter? Am I just striving for balance in ex…
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