Hi, I am a self taught amateur photographer from Canberra. I got into photography as a hobby about 4 years ago as a creative outlet to my day to day job in finance. I had never used a camera (film or digital) before then but ever since my passion for photography has grown to the point where it is now my main interest. I am still very much learning photography and the use of photoshop so any comments or advice are most welcome.

Currently my day job prevents me from getting out and shooting as regularly as I would like but I try to spend as much of my spare time with the camera in my hands.

I enjoy exploring all types of photography but my real passion is landscapes. I currently shoot digital but due to my avid interest in panoramic landscapes hope to one day shoot film.

For more information on my photographs you can visit my blog at http://michaelolive.wordpress.com/

  • Age: 36
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