For years, most of my photography has been of landscapes, but in recent times I have also been making portraits – a relatively new area for me. Whilst I still mostly create landscape images, there are also some portraits here: the categories to the right show a selection of both kinds of images, as well as selections based on particular models.

More of my photographs are also available on my personal website, where I show pretty much everything here, as well as stuff that hasn’t necessarily ‘worked’ so well, but that I find interesting or just like anyway. You’ll also find my occasional blog on photographic processes at that address.

Although I now live in Scotland, I am also half-German, and am fortunate to be working in a field that gives me opportunities to travel regularly to Germany and beyond: whilst Scotland is incredibly photogenic, so are most other places… their points of interest just need finding.

Many of the RedBubble groups request information about the equipment used in making the images. Generally, I don’t think this is very important or indeed interesting when it comes to making photographs, but if you care about this kind of stuff, you’ll find full explanations of what I use here – along with an explanation of why I think it’s so unimportant.

Comments on my images here are always much appreciated – as are sales! :)

Note that ALL of my images are copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without my express written permission. Thank you for respecting this.

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