2 degrees and cold

Well this morning i was asked by my wife how to remove ice from the windscreen of her car, gathering my thoughts as i had just awoken from my little coma, and still out of it, i said just don’t use hot water or you will crack he screen,she asked then what do i do, i said use plastic.
‘’Now i’m hoping you all know where i’m going with this, cause she certainly did not !! ‘’
Next thing i hear is the pantry door open, i thought to myself ’’ nooo ‘’ she wouldd’nt, she could’nt……the plastic i had in mind was a peice used to scrape ice off the windshield, the plastic she had in mind…..‘’ remember i heard the pantry door opening ’’ was clingwrap …….what the ….

fortunately or unfortunately i did not get up to see what i suspected she was doing with the clinwrap on the windscreen, and trust me i’m not impressed with the picture i’m seeing either. !!

I know i should’nt be laughing , but if i don’t i’ll cry cause this is just so sad !!!!!

P.s. Oh and Julia Gillard is our priminister……..Oh dear if my wife is any indication….i think we are all in big trouble.

Just wanted to share this cute little ‘’ true story ’’ with you all.

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  • Norma-jean Morrison
    Norma-jean Mor...about 4 years ago

    Yes I see your point…the nose…we are in trouble as I am also a female…hell for me…All love Normajean.

  • oh i have faith in you Norma-jean. :)

    – KeepsakesPhotography Michael Rowley

  • Jim Worrall
    Jim Worrallabout 4 years ago

    I know what she was up to.
    Ya use the cling wrap to make little hot water balloons then throw them at the windscreen.


  • you know someone will read your comment and try it ……

    – KeepsakesPhotography Michael Rowley

  • Bev Woodman
    Bev Woodmanabout 4 years ago

    Michael she was just going to wrap it all in cling rap and we all know how hot it gets inside plastic …. don’t we!!? Then the heat would make the ice melt …. I wished you’d come out of your coma enough to take a pic … that would have been worth selling!

  • wish i had done just that, a picture is worth a thousand words, but this would have been off scale ….lol

    – KeepsakesPhotography Michael Rowley

  • janeymac
    janeymacabout 4 years ago

    hahaha You did say plastic :) this is so funny Michael , our water meter was frozen on Monday and I said to my husband put hot water on it to thaw out, but he wouldn’t , and called Coliban water , I come from Scotland and every Winter I remember my dad putting hot water on thhe meter to thaw it…….my husband wouldn’t have any of my advice :)) the man at Coliban told him to pour hot water on it !!!
    cheers Jane

  • Its not that often we get severe frost on the beach here, but i do remember the days of living in the suberbs and the frost then , hoses freezing up, the grass vertually cracking and shattering beneith our feet.
    Your ritr ….i did say plastic…..but really !!!! lol

    – KeepsakesPhotography Michael Rowley

  • Esther's Art and Photography
    Esther's Art a...about 4 years ago

    Oh, you just reminded me , I have to cover the wind sceen of the car. So I dont have to poor cold water over it in the morning. We are getting some nasty frosts also . So glad I read your funny story. I am of doing it straight away LOL Fantastic read and thanks for the reminder he, he. ;o))

  • No worries Esther, glad to help out and remind you and please if you need anything , ask me …not my wife ….lol

    – KeepsakesPhotography Michael Rowley

  • tuffcookie
    tuffcookieabout 4 years ago

    lol ok as your most northern friend on the bubble I read this and thought .. ok what woman doesn’t know how to remove frost from a windshield, then i thought..wait austrailia…frost?? scratches head? do you actually get that cold? lol sorry hun but this is a very funny story. I so wish you had been a little less comatose and taken a pic lol. hugs! Next time tell her to use her credit card …

  • debsphotos
    debsphotosabout 4 years ago

    Well…in defense of your obviously hard working wife who was up at that ungodly hour to discover such a ‘unusual’ substance on the windscreen …while her ‘husband’ still slumbers in a cosy bed!!! lol..I know where I’d a been putting the bloody clingwrap!!! LOL…*-)

  • How did i know you were going to say somehing like this, i spose someone had too, to be truthful i’ve been expecting some backlash on my part…

    – KeepsakesPhotography Michael Rowley

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