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I live and work in Melbourne. Currently I shoot on film there is something about the decaying charm of this analogue format that reflects...


Welcome to 2015

Greetings People,…

It’s that time of year for an update. Well in case you don’t follow Michael Couacaud Photography on Facebook last year in June I finally went digital!
Yes that’s right my 35mm film body has been retired for now and I’m loving the instant feedback allowing me to refine my technique and learn a lot faster.

Also last year I produced my first limited edition framed photo print complete with signature on the back. This year I’ll continue to provide you with my photography. Though I have found that even when shooting on digital I am still as considerate with how much I shoot and even more so post.

Thank you to anyone who follows me and big thank to anyone who shared my photos or buys my work. Remember you can find me on Instagram for mostly street art photography and for other

Welcome to 2013 People Film Update and Instagram promotion

I hope you all had a great new year and holiday break. I’m back with a couple of new images from 2013. One of the images is from a trip back to St Kilda to shoot at the magic hour. Originally I had gone to the pier all the way to the rock wall to try a self portrait minus a tripod. This time was much more beneficial with the beautiful light and couple of opportunistic moment that came as the sunset. These will be see in good time as I have yet to finish the roll.
Over the year I aim to be more active in my creative aspirations with both the medium of film but also experiments in digital via Instagram. You can find me on Instagram via my username MichaelCouacaud. There you will find urban photography with any new art projects I feel like to create.

News Update & Movember

Greetings everyone,

I’d like to promote the fact that I have joined Instagram a while back under my username please follow me for food and coffee pics and anything that I find interesting. So I have been duel wielding digital (smartphone) and film on my photography trips. On the film news front is that I found an old film camera (non SLR) that was missing a battery but still had an unfinished roll inside. Hoping that the film is still good I got a battery for it and will be finishing it off asap. Curiosity has got me to what I was shooting back the film has to be at least 4 years old.
This year I have also join Movember" a pic will be coming soon.
All the best
Michael C

Quick Update

Sorry for the long wait between posts. This is just to again thanks for your support and feedback. Those who follow me on my Face Book page will know that I have got a tripod and have gone out to try early morning photography. It has been exciting trying out the equipment and watching the city awaken and being blessed with excellent light as the sun shines in Melbourne. I will still shoot with film until funds are being raised until then. It is interesting seeing arguements for and against film and film have a comeback and refusing to die so back to pining for a Mark III and L lenses. This week I hope to finish off the roll and upload the best shots here.

Michael Couacaud

Welcome to 2012!

Hello to all my watchers,

I hope you had a great xmas and new year and wish you the best 2012.
Thanks for your support in 2011 and your comments are appreicated. I have uploaded the first of my new works for the year.
So far I am sticking with film for now and have goals to improve to improve my photography and upload better works.

See you around
Michael C

Film Won't Give Up Without A Fight!


Its been too long since I have posted a journal about my latest creative adventures.

One of my latest images are from the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle that happened on Halloween Eve. It was great fun to see the different designs and make up effects while it was my 2nd time I have been there. It’s an event growing more popular every year with more zombies and photographers. Here I felt the most out of place being the one shooting on film and with about 15 shots on my current film load and forgot to buy an extra roll before I got there. Standing among the undead I more then ever I wanted to be shooting on digital.

Being on my 2nd film camera body and annoyed with the camera’s 3 AF points which I think they are. The main reason for most shots I have rejected uploading here is that they

New Works here

It’s been awhile since I have done a journal and things have been putting along quite well. With new works popping up here and experimenting with black and white film. A couple of those images have been uploaded and its good to learn new techniques and how to view the world in black & white is a worthy challenge. I have been skirting around the idea of buying a digital camera and there are a couple of models that look good. It would be nice to see the results of my work sooner. Until then it’s the film format.
Stay tuned

New Work Coming Soon!

Greetings everyone,…

I thought it would be good to just take the time since my last journal to say hi and welcome new people to my watchlist. Thanks to the people who have commented on my work it helps. Recently i have been joining my dad in drivbing up the country Victoria around Trentham and Daylesford taking my camera and trying out more landscape photography. So expect those processed and up on here to have a gaze at. Also I finally finished my underwater disposable camera taking it out whenever I had the chance to dunk it or hover the little thing over water. I have been holding on to this for a while. So I’ll let you know how those turn out.
Recently RB released Collections and I have sorted out a few pics to best show off my work with popular titles like Surreal Bath and Black & Whi

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait