My new Everest Base Camp Calendar

Hi Everybody,
My new Everest Base Camp calendar is available for sale. It show the best photos from our great trip to Nepal this spring. The trip ended with a broken leg and a helicopter evacuation but remains a lovely memory. Don’t worry I have already been back to Nepal in September and you can read all about it in my blog.
The calendar makes a great gift for those fortunate enough to visit this amazing country, those planing to do so and also for those who prefer warmer climates…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Purim festival in Mea Shearim

On the festival of purim people, especially kids, get dressed up. Here in the ultra orthodox Mea Shearim. The celebration is to commemorate a miraculous legendary event when the Jews were saved from a malicious plot in the babylonian times. People are supposed to get drunk and bring presents to their friends and neighbors. This normally austere neighborhood celebrates in particular enthusiasm.

Moses and Achashverosh

The friendly turban


Mishloach Manot (presents to neighbors

The King

The Tora scroll and Kidush

The nurse

The Chinese girl

Tao of Photography

I wanted to share with you all my photo friends a wonderful book Tao of Photography – seeing beyond seeing. by Philippe L. Gros ad S.I. Shapiro. In this book the authors try to connect Taoist wisdom with the art of photography. They show how being receptive to the world is both a great way of living and of taking great photos. Unlike many guidebooks on photography this is much more of a philosophical assay. It has also loads of stunning photos by one of the authors as well as by many of the best photographers of the twentieth century. Thanks to google books it is possible to browse it even if you don’t want or can’t get it paper.

Islamic beauty features

I was delighted and honored to find today THREE of my photos featured in the wonderful Islamic Beauty group. In these horrible and violent times for an Islamic Beauty group to feature photos of an Israeli photographer is a brave act. I want to denounce all violence which is counterproductive and only causes suffering. Art is one of the ways that can bring people together and promote understanding and peace. When you shoot people with a camera you want to see as many different people as possible while people who hold guns want to annihilate people who are different. RB is a great and safe place thank you and happy and productive 2009

Rainbow in the desert

Just came back from two days at a rainbow meeting in the Arava valley in southern Israel. The atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed so that (in contrast to hardcore meetings) I could take many photos.

Rainbow Gatherings are temporary intentional communities, typically held in outdoor settings, and espousing and practicing ideals of peace, love, harmony, freedom and community, as a consciously expressed alternative to mainstream popular culture, consumerism, capitalism and mass media.

Moses in the desert

Bringing water

he essence of it all

On the way to the shit pit ?

Food circle

In the desert a few drops of water make a refreshing shower

Musician in a hammock

Raving mad

Body painting

Machane Yehuda market

Machne Yehuda is a wonderful open air food market in west Jerusalem. I go there once a week to buy fresh food and get great shots at the same time (well my wife does the shopping and I the shooting). I apologize in advance if this journal will make you run for the fridge. Enjoy

Security first but which such a beautiful police officer who cares

Chola bread for shabat

Yemenite beauty selling sweet drinks for all remedies

Sweet grapes

Melon and pomegranates

Buying fish

Yummy olives

Guavas smell bad but taste good

Pumpkins (Halloween is not celebrated here)

Buying flowers for the holiday

Buying flowers for the holiday

Candids from Mea Shearim before sukkot

Here are some more candid from this fascinating neighborhood. Thank you to Caroline Gorka for teaching me this nice trick of showing a series





Checking the tip of the lulav

A Toldot Aharon Chasid carrying a Lulav kit

Psalms for sale

The pink photographer with the pink camera

Photographing a Lulav

In the play ground after buying a Lulav

Car with Schach – tree branches to cover the Sukka (hut)

Candid shot features- who would have believed

If anybody would have told me six months ago that most of my features would be candid shots I would have laughed out loud. Me ???? I shoot birds, flowers, mountains, lakes. Something here must have helped to transform my artistic way of looking at people. Shooting candid shots is one of the best way of studying people and having to look at them more carefully and liking how they look. Thanks for all the features and your most lovely and supportive comments.

The pink scarf in Islamic beauty
Portrait of an elderly gentleman in Emotive photography
Deep thoughts in candid photography
Chess in the park in candid photography
Bridging the interfaith gap in candid photography
Waiting for the bus 2 in candid photography
Untitled in The WAIST up

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