Michael J Armijo

Michael J Armijo

Marina Del Rey, United States

Why JOIN "The Buyers Club" Group ?

The BUYERS CLUB GROUP is meant for members who:

1. …want to build a bond with other artists and support one another by getting to know their ART.

2. …it’s MORE than about just SELLING YOUR ART…it’s about BUYING ART and becoming a collector yourself (or selecting gifts for the friends and loved ones in your life).

3. …The Buyers Club requires that you make 2 PURCHASES per year (one in the first half of the year JAN-JUNE; and one in the 2nd half of the year JULY-DEC) and it must be something ‘other than’ a greeting card product.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy…try joining please as we are looking for participative members who want to sell their ART and support one another, too.


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