A l;ittle about myself….em……firstly thanks to RedBubble for the warm welcome…..

I live in South_Africa..I am Happily divorced:)…I consider myself a free spirit my motto of life is live and let live..

I have been in the digital art scene since 2006 but still just an amuteur I only do it for fun .I don’t have training of any kind…I love art and photography of all kinds..

I do photomanips and 3d art.I don’t really have a style or genre …guess anything goes……guess I’m really all over the place therefore joined many groups, just hope I remember all the rules ..lol….forgive me if one or two may slip my mind it may be a while till I can memorize them all……to me all art has a deeper meaning and comes from the soul whatever it may be…

I don’t believe in it to critize anyone’s art….if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.
The way I did it is the way I saw it means the way I wanted it but I am always open for learning and learn so much from all the wonderful art I see.The things I read and from wonderful people who give so much and always grateful for all the support I get.

My weapons of destruction are

a cellphone a computerPhotoshop,Daz studio,

Bryce.Project dogwaffle

And the way I experience life

  • Age: 42
  • Joined: August 2010


Rolling in the deep

Thanks so much to coppertrees and the gallery of pain for featuring my image….;)Sorry i’m always late late late and apologise that i can’t always keep up with everyones wonderful work but do when ever i can / Beat regards / Monique
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