Using brush or camera is My Way of Seeing, Communicating and Telling stories.
From childhood time visual was my way of communication, expression, painting.

My father helped a lot giving me all kind of art materials, he could find.
I remember myself laying on the floor and painting with my fingers and big brush in other hand with watercolors.
He had more than few cameras I was free to take and play with. He taught me how to look and take shots.
I am born in Europe, studied painting in Germany. I use to live from sell of my work.
Time changes. Now I have to do some other work for living, but I didn’t give up.

I love buttery feeling of oil, transparency of acrylic, softness of watercolor, contrasts in drawings….
I am in love with art.
I love to see good art that other people do, I am never satisfied with mine: I know I can do better. I am all time inspired to do something, to experiment.
Music is one of great inspirations. My ideas are around me: people, life. My way of Seeing is a bit surreal, because I make a stories. Every window, bird, passenger can be subject of next work.

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