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cadillac mind

ridin on a bus with a cadillac mind
just killin time, just killin time.
ridin on the bus with a cadillac mind
just killin time just killin time.
dontchya know don’t pay it no mind,
no – no don’t pay it no mind,
don’t pay it no mind.

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  • Druidstorm
    Druidstormabout 3 years ago

    Cool wordcraft mate!!!…)o(

  • thankyou so much malcolm. so glad that you liked this. a really fun one to write. really great to see that you enjoyed this and had fun with it.

    – mhkantor

  • paulramnora
    paulramnoraabout 3 years ago

    I like this one, too, a lot. ;-) I think, I tend to ride buses with a ‘cadillac mind’, as well; meaning I’ve always been given to ‘dreaming’.

    As it is, right now, I can’t even afford to go buy myself a regular weekly bus pass; and, instead, I brought a bike to take me to wherever it is I wish to go.

    Biking all around London is a lot harder than is merely sitting on a bus; lying back, and, simply, enjoying the ride; getting off feeling totally rested, and, relaxed.

    On a bike you just have to keep on, constantly, pedaling; because if you STOP pedaling because both you’re legs are feeling extremely weak and tired/the muscles sore/the saddle seat far too hard against your backside; and, you also find yourself being overcome with ‘sweat’; then, you very quickly find that you ain’t going nowhere!

    Then, whenever you do reach your final destination after say pedaling along for what seems to be endless miles and miles; then, your mind never quite completely relaxes, when you get off the bike; because you know that at some point during that very same day; then, you are going to get straight back on that same bike, and, pedal all the way back home, again.

    I guess, you could say, I developed a ‘cadillac mind’…not on the bus…but, instead, on my bike! LOL

    Then, again, riding bikes I found does have some advantages…

    1. It’s around 3 times faster than is walking; as one push of the pedal takes you around 3 steps in length; it’s also faster than is running, especially, if you are going downhill. Downhill, I found…even without pedaling…I could easily overtake the fastest runner.

    Now, going up hill is another story…lol. Let’s just put it this way, when I’m trying my best to ride uphill…and, I see an old person beating me on foot…I just jump off the bike in complete disgust…and, try pushing the damn thing up the hill, instead, whilst walking; it’s added weight to my walking; but, at least, I’m moving at last!

    2. Instead, of waiting around for the damn bus to come; which can take anything up to 1/2 an hour of just standing there quite patiently waiting.

    On a bike, I know that I’m constantly moving towards wherever it is I wish to go with each push of the pedals; so, no more wasted time idly waiting.

    Sometimes, I actually get there far faster than the bus does; if the streets are crammed full of traffic; the bike can just fly by all of the cars/lorries/buses/-etc. But, on a clear road; the bus ‘engine’ wins!

    3. The bike takes you straight up to the door of your destination/and, also, all the way back straight back to your own front gate; which is another thing the bus doesn’t do.

    As I live on top of a hill; therefore, I use the downhill descent to start off my journey; and, I try to approach the hill from the top coming down whenever I do a return journey back home.

    4. I was going to say that riding a bike is ‘healthier’; but, the truth is, it’s not, necessarily.

    You see, on a bus/or, in a car, you are in a sealed off environment; so, you don’t need to smell fumes. But, in the open, on a bike, all you smell whilst being on the road is constant car/bus/lorry/motorbike fumes; I found this sometimes leads to me ‘coughing’ for no apparent reason, then, wondering why?! Which is why some bike users do absolutely insist on wearing masks, instead.

    On the other hand, riding a bike does help you develop stronger leg muscles, because you have to keep on pedaling non-stop; you can however chose to go at a pace that is more comfortable for you; so long as you’re not it a rush; that usually means going to an appointment I try and pedal really fast; whereas coming back, I very slowly take my time.

    It’s also unhealthy in another way, too; you are by far the ‘weakest’ thing out there in the streets…the lorry/bus/car/motorbike are all far stronger, and, so much faster than you are; this means it’s extremely ‘dangerous’ to have any accidental collision; and, you have to keep your wits constantly about you; one sudden lapse of attention, and, it could all be curtains; broken bones/possible concussion, after even a slight touch; probable death, if you have to go take a really heavy hit; on a bike, quite unlike being in a car that is equipped with airbags/leather/metal case surroundings, there is really nothing much to protect you, but, only you, alone!

    4. Some people think riding bikes is really cheap. But, if you are going to travel around on your bike as you main form of transportation for almost every single day; then, you have to take into account the costs of scrapes/tyre punctures/pumps/puncture kits/having regular bicycle check ups/buying accessories: headgear/knee/elbow pads/mask/florescent jacket/lights to use at night/locks/and, insurance…as there is always the possibility of your bike getting stolen; then, needing to be replaced/-etc. I already had 1 bike stolen so far to date/for which my current bike is a replacement.

    Anyway, I think, I been writing far too much; so, I think, it’s best to stop here. Bye! PS: Whenever I can afford it, I’m going to buy myself a car, I swear…Cadilliac/or, not!

  • hi paul,
    i find shopping impossible on a bike, that’s why i walk. i don’t take the bus for the same reason as you, cost. i have a cart that i use when i shop. i’m fortunate in that where i live most everything is in walking distance. even those i might visit. i’m so glad that you liked this piece. i had two in mind when i did it. the 1st was ezra pound, the second was traditional blues and chaingang songs.
    (langston hughes and some other poets may have entered into it too.)
    it’s really great to see that you enjoyed this and had fun with it.

    – mhkantor

  • reflector
    reflectorover 2 years ago

    A very lyrical and cyclical piece! I don’t want a Cadillac – it would use too much petrol. ( I could park it in the driveway, though. :))

  • thankyou so much for faving this reflector. a really fun write for sure with its rap hip hop blues riff. so glad that you liked it. really great to see that you had fun and enjoyed this one.

    – mhkantor

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