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My new lens... Nikon 200mm F2

I’ve been eying this lens for some time now.. some would say drool over it as it’s perhaps Nikon’s best ever lens made. Then last week with Nikon’s imminent price rise along with some extras cash I’ve made over the last wedding season, I thought it was time to purchase it.

Anyway, I went downstairs to grab some dinner just then and I thought I’d bring it along to take a few shots. Fired off about a dozen shots… and 1st impressions are… OMFG I’m really in love with this lens. The AF is very noticeably quicker than the 70-200 and literally snaps in like the 24-70 does. Images are amazingly sharp wide open and because I’m shooting at F2 my ISO hovers around 800-1200 when they used to be 1600-3200 with the 70-200 – amazing stuff.

My pics don’t really do it justice (yet) but these are the first few pics from the lens, with more to come tomorrow as I hooked up a person who’s willing to model for me. These are all converted to JPG straight outta LR without PP. The lens has amazing sharpness, clarity and contrast … it really makes a noob tog that much better.

I shot them all @ F2… cus I can ! :)

4000 ISO, 1/60 with VR, F2

200 ISO, 1/1600, F2

200 ISO, 1/400, F2

200 ISO, 1/160, F2

200 ISO, 1/2500, F2

160 ISO, 1/500, F2

320 ISO, 1/250, F2

200 ISO, 1/200, F2

I’m really looking forward to using this lens for wedding work… I think it will bring my photos to a whole new level.

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