Leila A. Fortier is a writer, artist, poet, and photographer currently residing on the remote island of Okinawa Japan. Her poetry is known to be a unique hybrid form in which her words are specially crafted into abstract visual designs, often accompanied by her own multi-medium forms of art, photography, and spoken performance. Many of her works have been translated into French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, and German in a movement to raise global unity and understanding through the cultural diversity of poetry and literature.

Her artistic endeavors are a rich interplay of mediums from macro photography, to oils, acrylics, water colors, pastels, and digital composition, then layered and arranged to invoke the viewer into raw, emotional experience. Her restlessness is expressed in her passion to make manifest the formless in what she calls Painting Emotion.

Her work in all its mediums, has been published in a vast array of literary magazines, journals, and reviews both in print and online. She has appeared in several books, anthologies, and freelance publications. In 2007’ she initiated the anthology A World of Love: Voices for Carmen as a benefit against domestic violence and in 2010’ composed a photo book entitled Pappankalan, India: Through the Eyes of Children to benefit the education of impoverished Indian children. She is also the author of Metanoia’s Revelation through iUniverse.

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November Features & Thanks

What an exciting month! Two gallery features outside of RB, a contest, and features in house! I am very grateful for all the support and encouragement…Thank you so much for all the inspiration~ Namaste~ / Moon Milk Review- Featured Artist Gallery / ZOUCH Magazine & Miscellany- Featured Artist Gallery / Featured Top 10 in the C.O.R.E. Velocity Challenge / Featured in Moody & Evocativ…
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Exciting News

A large selection of my art has been chosen for a feature gallery exhibition at Moon Milk Review. Please come see! / I am so surprised, humbled and blessed. I thank everyone here at Red Bubble for being a source of continued inspiration and encouragement from which I am constantly learning and growing. / My deepest gratitude~ / Namaste~ / Moon Milk Review"
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October Features

I received huge news the other day that 24 of my pieces will be featured in the Moon Milk Review Gallery. I could not be more happy and pleased. This along with the features below of my latest art, and the support and encouragement of other artists here on RB fill me with gratitude. Thank you~ / Featured in Avant-Garde Art / Featured in Pink Panther Magazine / Featured in If It Doesn’t Belo…
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Features, Publications, and Sales for Sept. 2010

My enormous gratitude to all the members, groups, and publications that featured my art~ and to those that found favor to purchase it for their own collections. I humbly thank you all: / Thank you Jean Claffey for purchasing “Imagine” in 12 × 16.9 mounted print / Thank you Anita Ferrari for purchasing “Imagine” in 12 × 16.9 framed print / Featured in Inspired Art…
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