Steven Clarke

Steven Clarke

Loughborough, United Kingdom

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I have a fascination with the relationships between humans and nature. Combining the two and bringing to the fore philosophical and moral issues that this presents itself. What is the existential life of a leaf? are there comparisons between the two? what can be learnt by delving into the psyche of a deer? There is a violent and beautiful co-existence that envelops us when examining how we interact with an animal being. “What man has to do to transcend the animal, to transcend the mechanical within himself, and what his unique spirituality leads to, is often anguish” – John Berger.
Hybridity between different biological entities forces us to look at ourselves and how we examine our own lives. Life is nasty, brutish and short but within our own knowledge of the world and our particular experiences gained from perceiving all of our moments that allows oneself to truly understand what it is to be alive.

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