a new world , same person.

Walking down the sidewalk the sky bright blue like always with a cool breeze clean and fresh like the laundry right from the dryer. I see nobody as i am enjoying this beautiful day listening to birds flying over me and an occasional car would drive by. I really like how this world is so clean and happy. In my other home everything seemed so diferent. I wish i could of said something mabye a goodbye or warning. Lost in my thoughts i almost didnt see Michelle pull up in her midnight blue Telsa model car. I loved it when i see my best friend Michelle pull up, but not when im enjoying my walk. In my other world i never did know Michelle’s other, and im glad shes the one that found me the night of my … arrival.I hop into the front seat of Mitch’s 16 birthday present. “So where are we going ?” “You dont think im gonna let you sit around all Friday night do you?” She was right, Michelle always knew all the good parties and could never settle down, but thats one of the things i always adored about her. “check in that duffle bag in the back”. I reached back and pulled up her blue duffle bag we used for sneaking out clothes for parties. Just then it dawned on me we were on our way to Drake’s fiesta and i was looking like a middle aged soccer mom with my hair in a quick scrunchie and a pretty baggy sweater ( not my usual look but very comphy. ) “wow Michelle you really know style !” i said as i pulled out 2 beautiful party dresses. “pick one” “what really?” I said in pure excitement .Now that was my idea of a Friday night Fiesta as the boys call it.

We pulled up into Michelle’s driveway relieved her parents were always gone for Fridays and Wednesday, i never knew why though and didnt bother to ask because i had to focus on getting ready. Grabbing the duffle bag Mitch ran inside (and almost into the fence) up the stairs and turned our music on and started calling all the girls. Michelles house was always the on the girls went and got ready, or the one we’d go to when we needed a place to stay or a friend. Making my way up stairs Mitch’s baby ( a cute Pomeranian that reminds me alittle too much of Dez ) ran right pass me.
“hurry and put your dress on!” “those girls are on their way over.” Instantly I threw my brand new dress on and Michelles flats. I loved the way my dress hung down and twirls when i spin. Mitch was already fixing hair and makeup when the doorbell rang. I almost tripped down the flight of stairs running to greet the girls. First was Destiny ( we call her Dez) , Second was Chelsea who went directly to Baby, Third was Macey fourth was Nikki and the fifth girl to show was Leah. "omg i love your dress Kassandra! " "thank you , Mitch just bought our dresses actually " I said beaming back at Chels.

A wild cheering came from upstairs as we all raced to get ready. “35 minutes!” yelled Nikki. She was always the organized kind of girl that reminded me of my other world mother. Even at a time like this i think of my mom, in that world her name is Jennifer White, but in my new world her name is Jackie Brooks. Its been about 2 years that i’ve been in this world and i already do think of her as my real mom, but at times when i think of Jennifer White I cant help but remember theres another world where i could never return and my other is walking around probably just as confused as I was. And thats when Mitch came and found me. “Kass what are you doing? You should be getting ready.” My focus went from trying not to cry to Leah who was watching me as if I might fall right away. "Oh sorry guess I was daydreaming "( i lied as i quickly blinked the tear from my eye). Upstairs the music was blasting and there was a rush of girls putting on makeup an fixing eachothers hair, excpecailly Macey who loved doing hair and was truly really good at it. I sat down and brushed my hair through, put on a light layer of eyeliner and eye shadow to lighten my eyes. Then almost as if on que Macey was there putting my hair into a sexy ,high ponytail (which made my hair look alot thicker.)

“omg 15 minutes !” hollered Nikki from the living room. It was already 8:46 and all us girls we’re dressed and looking ready for a party. Me and Mitch ran out to her car and hopped in the front, Nikki and Chelsea claimed the back seat and Macey, Leah, and Destiny went in Macey’s Volvo." I love what Macey did with your hair Nikki!" Her hair usually down was put up in a complicated bun with swirls and pins. “Hey, thanks Sandra I do really like it myself.” Grinning all four of us ripped down the highway with the others close behind.

Mitch pulled up to the three story house which always had me dumbfounded by its beauty. In my other world this house would be for the rich , but in my new world it was so normal to be wealthy. I guess people would have alot of extra money with there being no tobacco, drugs or alcohol, and for that I was greatful. I hated walking down the street having to breath in and look at others smoking and taking in toxics.

The boys were already blasting music and standing on the porch as we got out of the car. Mitch automatically ran to Drake and just as I was closing the car door I seen Jason come out from the back. Macey, Leah and Dez appeared around the corner and the car drove around the fountain and into the mini parking space. Inside there were people sitting around talking so i grabbed Nikki by the hand and lead her to Marcus, who was really happy to see Nikki, especially since she got the idea and sat down right beside him. Nikki always needs alittle push to get her to actually do something, like this one time at the mall she almost didnt buy this beautiful summer dress for her sisters birthday party. I told her the dress was made for her and the price was really low, so she bought it. Just then abunch of vehicles pulled in and people were already walking inside. Mitch who was upstairs with Drake rushed down to see who was showing up, and Chelsea went to the back to get the pool ready.

When all the partiers started showing up, me and the girls went to check on the food. It was amazing what the boys could make, but mostly Drake just ordered abunch of fancy foods and maids to come cook and clean for the fiestas. I really love how a party term here is loud music abunch of friends and delicious food, no posions, cops or people trying to run from them in the middle of the night.

a new world , same person.


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in this short story i wrote about a different world. Kassandra arrived in a perfect world with no drugs alcohol ,tobacco or adultery.

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