‘Punk a Photographic Journey: 2004- 2007’ is a photographic body of work that captures and celebrates the colour, style and attitude of the contemporary Melbourne punk scene. See gravity defying hairdos, handcrafted studded jackets, vibrant clothing and the anti-social attitude that goes hand in hand with being a punk. All of the images were taken by Melynda von Wayward at events like the infamous ‘Punk Pub Crawl’ and other punk gigs around Melbourne between the years 2004 – 2007.

In 2008 Melynda held a solo exhibition at Gasworks Arts Park . A substantial amount of media coverage was also received for this exhibition. http://www.punkjourney.com/punk-a-photographic-...;

Thanks to this exhibition, a Producer from Channel 10 discovered Melynda’s photos, and she was soon being approached to assist them with their 2009 documentary ‘City Fringe’. Melynda was not only instrumental in coordinating all of the footage filmed in the ‘Punk’ genre, including the bands playing and the interviews, but she was also interviewed herself about the contemporary Melbourne punk scene, as well as having several of her photos being featured on the documentary.

The book was first created in 2011 as an 80 page full colour photographic book that was self-published though ‘Blurb’ http://au.blurb.com/books/3027879-punk-a-photog...;. The Book is currently in the process of being redesigned by the Graphic Design team at Argonaut Studios. The end result will be a unique and highly stylized work of art that will be seen as a collectors item by those who purchase it. http://www.argonautstudio.com.au

Details about where to buy the new version of the book will be made known in the near future.

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