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Illustrators Australia Awards 2012 - Entries Open

Ok everyone, I mean Aussies & NZs actually (re title) … here comes the IA Awards. Once a year you can draw your heart out and possibly pave the way to fame, fortune or employment (delete where applicable).

The results will be published in next year’s Creative Magazine and Illustrators Australia in a 20 page feature. And will be sent to art buyers in the region.


With pencils poised … let’s get cracking boys n girls!

Entry form & pricing info

My Flavors website

Hey, just wanted to put it out there that i have a new website

I’ve tried a number of DIY sites in the past and usually got snagged on the html amongst a range of other things. And it took quite awhile for a newb like me to figure things out then test it. The nights used to whittle away. I was trying to strike a balance between something that worked and looked reasonably presentable.

That’s when I came across Flavors . Still DIY but sweet and simple! No html.

It just grabs all your feeds from other social media sites, which safe to assume most people have, and presents them in a standardised format. Real easy to maintain. And surprisingly does the trick.

There’s a free version and a USD20/yr version. Few good perks for the upgrade like built in stats page to gauge traffi…

Bored (sigh) ... coffee ... tv ... thenn ... zz kaPOW zzz BRAINSTORM = ART BUSINESS CARDS!!

I couldn’t really decide on one particular design for my business card … or I could but i’d definitely get bored with it, hence the birth of the handmade business card or Melon Shotz. It’ll have the standard contact details on one side and a design I’ve done on the other.

So If I ever get into a situation where someone says,
“Oh hey, do u have a card or something?”
I could say,
“Yeah sure”
and whatever I dig out of my handbag will be this lucky person’s treasure of the day.

Even if it isn’t, it was still fun to make :)

Round 01

It’s needs a quick spray of varnish, before I can start giving it out.

Some of them are hand drawn and coloured with markers

some tests

Creative block - How to deal with it?

Okay … so, creative block, what is it?. Those moments of zero motivation, zero ideas, just staring at a blank piece of paper for ages doodling (or not) and even your doodles look pretty rubbish.

Everyone’s been there (myself included). Question is how to get over it?

Here are a few tips that might help breakthrough those blocks:

1. Look after thine self
Get some good healthy food, proper sleep and some movement going, (preferably something that’s gonna get the heart rate up – not chair to fridge and back). This will help alleviate that brain dead feeling and clear the mental fogginess.

2. Take a break
Do something non art related. Gives the mind some space to chill out and let off some steam

  1. car ride somewhere
  2. coffee at the local cafe
  3. read children’s books (serio

Bris Supanova 2010 - Howazzit you ask?

Well, if I had to use one word to describe the atmosphere … HOT!! and very stuffy.
Air conditioning issue or just the Brisbane weather, who knows but I do sympathise with the 2 Darth Vaders and their 5 storm troopers.

Overall I thought it was a pretty good turn out. It did have a bit of a garage sale-ish look and feel about it. Hopefully it’ll get bigger and more explosive with each year.

Didn’t buy much. One of those thing where you start and you can’t stop, didn’t want to go there. No toys but I did get my hands on a very cool watercolour stag-elf-earth-spirit type character by fellow Brisbanite John Stewart. (had to get something right!)

He’s part of a comic collab – Phatsville Comix. Check out their FB fanpage

x Mel

30 Day Artist Challenge

The ultimate challenge of challenges (within quite a few parameters) is the 30 Day Artist

I came across this site a couple of years ago when I started seriously putting time aside to paint. I thought (and still think) it’s a great program/challenge, whatever you want to call it. The creators prefer the term ‘accelerated growth program’.

How it works is, artists register for a particular month, if you’re chosen, you start the challenge of creating 40 pieces of work in 30days. Mediums are across the board – traditional, digital, pottery, writing whatever. And you have to write a minimum of one blog entry a day.

So basically, you’re working everyday … in front of a crowd of faceless people.

It wasn’t so much the art that was created, i mean the…

Resale Royalty Response by Art Sector (may be of interest to some)

The passage through parliament of the long awaited Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists Bill 2008 was today welcomed in principle by The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA), the peak body representing the sector in Australia.

The great majority of Australian artists and their representative organisations (including NAVA), had warmly welcomed the Government’s commitment to the introduction of this legislation as part of its election platform in 2007.

Most of the main features of the model in the new legislation match those called for by artists including the rate being 5% on all secondary sales made through a market intermediary, its being uncapped, the low entry threshold of $1000 and its duration being the same as for copyright.

The visual arts community is gratified that …

Manga Art - Helpful tips for baby manganites

As far as manga art goes I’m a HUGE fan but new to drawing or creating within that particular genre. Through my own research I’ve come across a few sites that may help, if not inspire those that want to get into the crazy world of manga.

A good place to start is with Martin Berube’s introduction into drawing for comics. He has loads of step by step tutorials that will get you comfortable with drawing simple whimsical characters. You get quite a fair bit from how to draw a hamburger to body parts to vector tutorials. From there you can start experimenting by tweaking your drawings a little here and there and slowly creating your own characters.

A couple of manga artists worth having a look at are Zutto who is a designer and illustrator. Really awesome work. Very rich in c…

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