The Imagining

We are everyday magic
Out of the Blue by Melodyone

One more try

All of this I thought I knew / and then I learned I didn’t. / I want to remember.

Kisses like this

I like kisses that do as they please
Life is but a dream... by Melodyone Forest friends by Melodyone

How now


Time and Inclination

We have time

Your Presence

Thank you

Perfectly Present

breathe and be

Confessions of an Optimist


Answer to You

a dreaming
Growing Season by Melodyone Springtide by Melodyone

Forever More

Our alpha aNd omEga

Love Has No Weight…

Love’s perfect form and function
Cloud Angel by Melodyone

Embraceable Us


Any Type of Weather is Perfect…

Heartbeat by Melodyone

As You Will

Teach me

Reflections of You

Listen to my spirit / Let me be your song

Sand & Salve

Love soothes
Solar Flair by Melodyone

In each and every

Love is just a word?

Speak Therapy

Beautiful words hold invisible power


Splash life!

One word fits all

It’s rhyme time


I appreciate you

All in the name of

Let it rain

Blink twice


Busy body, Being soul

Being is not busywork


Trust in You.

Clear reception

I listen, learn

Choice words

My fave 4-letters

Sweet remember

Love is always

You’re Invited to Join

All are welcome. / Bring a friend!

In consideration

I remember you :)

Beautiful Way

Live in the Beauty Way

Persigh for Perception

Perkooky, I know.

The Calling

A yearning across ages

Maybe, yes, no… Yes

What if…

Year in, Year out

Paint fearlessly

Yay You!

Favorite yourself

Love Is The Canvas…

Let’s create :)

If, when, then

In the eye of the calm


all for love

Peace, Love & Relativity

A wondering

Think Yes Think Love

Just a thought

Another Note from this Time Cadet

Travel lightly

Casual Notes of a Time Traveler

Journey to no/w/here

Cloudy with a Chance of Clarity

Perchance the possible

Quiet understanding

Clear understanding / comes in silence.


In love with writing
Hand in hand by Melodyone Looking Up, Seeing Us by Melodyone

Every Story is a Love Story…


You Inspire Me

Thank you.

Friend in flight

To see you soar

Suspended in Time

my wish tumbles through space / where material mysteriously melds with magic

Love Lesson

Rebirth through pain

Dream Life

Live your dreams of Yes

I wish I may, I wish you might

Have the wish you wish


the possibility of a heart

no words play me

Your hand moves on lips


Soar with joyfulness

Dawning of me

shine on

Hypothesis in Wonder

love infinitum


Equal and AMAZING

Bullets & Love

Love has nothing to lose

E. All of the above

Complaining is yessing no-ness.

stream of consciousness

Nothing to write?

20 Things I Learned from Blowing Bubbles

Be happy ~ rain or shine!

You Are…

You are magnificent! / Allow yourself to shine.

Case Not Closed

You don’t want me


Love is always
Everwonder what by Melodyone

My Playdate

Nature play

Imagine Earth…



One for all, all for one
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