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Redondo Beach, United States

winning vicariously

recently a friend contacted me with the good news that she had won a contest. a photography contest in new york. of course i was thrilled for her, but what she was telling me was that i’d had input into this win.

this friend is a musician. our paths crossed in sydney for a time, and it was during this period we shared a nice afternoon in the eastern suburbs of that beautiful city, taking photographs intended for her upcoming CD album cover.

with thoughtful words of generous praise and insight, my friend wrote of this experience and crafted her inspired piece, just before the deadline passed to enter the contest. her words really resonate with me and to be honest, i’m very much touched, and humbled, that the meaning of our short time together creating what i’d hoped were portraits that could capture her essence, also made some impression on her, from the other side of the lens.

please visit her myspace page here. you can read her winning letter and experience her musical talent. this cool news has really made me think about the deeper meaning that collaboration and contribution can have.

this is the shot that is used for her CD cover:

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