An emotive self-portrait photographic artist, dabbling in an array of other subjects. Most of my pictures are of self (other subjects occasionally pop up), and all are taken by self. I am not a model, and certainly don’t think I could do it professionally either, but I do use myself in my photos for various reasons. My images aren’t intended to be seen as standard photos, but forms of self-expression since living with Asperger syndrome means I find it difficult to express myself in other ways. I have been taking photos since Oct 2010, so am still very new to this. Everything I do has been self-taught. Learning has been a labour of love, and every image created is done so with passion and experimentation.

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I apologise for not having acknowledged those people who have purchased something from my page in the past year, but I would like to say that I am very grateful, and thank you very much for your support! / Melanie
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