Credit Where Credit's Due - Kimbaross

Kimbaross !! Kimbaross was raised in a small town and currently resides in Boronia, Victoria, Australia. I’ve admired Kimbaross’s artwork for quite a while now, mainly due to his great use of colour and undeniably unique and individual style. His portrayal of the mundanities of day to day life speak volumes to me personally and I believe something new can be gathered from each one of his wonderful works each time you view it. In Kimbaross’s own words…
“I mainly use oils for painting as I love the feel and smell of the stuff and as a result, I probably have long term heavy metal poisoning. I also use a lot of oil pastels for drawings as I love the semi control I have over the finished work and because I feel like a big kid using them. I have been experimenting with pencil and ink lately. Inspired by many Australian Artists, too many to mention. My inspiration is mainly drawn from the simple pleasures derived from the ordinary, mundane, existence that most of us lead, with an Australian perspective. Every now and then I like to hop into fantasy land, particularly Wonderland.”
A sneak preview.
9-5 by Kimbaross

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