Sad news. Lyn Lusi co-founder of HEAL Africa died last night.

Hi Guys,
Red Bubble has been such a great place for me to raise money for the wonderful work of HEAL Africa, that I wanted to acknowledge here that sadly the co-founder of this wonderful Congolese organisation passed away last night from cancer.

Just some brief facts about her life:

1. She was english and 62.
2. A few months ago she was awarded the world renowned Opus Prize. A $1 million faith-based humanitarian award given to people who make extraordinary inroads in to
areas consumed with social and political and gender violence.
3. She came to Congo in 1971 from England as a teacher and met and married Dr Jo Lusi a congolese born Doctor.
4. They had two children.
5. They founded HEAL Africa in the war torn eastern province – in an area deemed to be the ‘most dangerous place in the world to be a woman.’
6. Amongst other remarkable acts Lyn founded the Neamiah community. An organisation by which all faiths can come together and resolve differences peacefully and co-operatively without fear or favour. (She once said to me she felt it was what ‘real’ Christianity was supposed to be about; non-judgemental love).
7. She and Jo built HEAL Africa up to be a mighty force in helping the poor, desolate, raped, butchered and lost souls of Congo.
8. She was I can say beyond any doubt one of the most remarkable people to have graced this earth.
9. Her final words were ‘tell them not to cry.’
10. Thousands are expected at her funeral. She without question saved literally thousands upon thousands of lives.

Not a bad innings.

My HEAL Africa merchandise is here
As always all profits to HEAL Africa

Vale Lyn.

Peace x


  • Tiffany Dryburgh
    Tiffany Dryburghover 2 years ago

    Very sorry to hear that, Melinda, she sounds like a wonderful woman. My condolences to you and all who knew her.

  • Thanks Tiffany that’s kind of you to say.

    – Melinda Kerr

  • Adriana Glackin
    Adriana Glackinover 2 years ago

    Such sad news.

  • Thanks for acknowledging it Adriana

    – Melinda Kerr

  • Travis Easton
    Travis Eastonover 2 years ago

    Some special souls just transend the world around them don’t they. To make such an impact for good in so many lives is truly remarkable and so Christ like. I envy you for having known such a force for good. Her legacy goes on.

  • Great words Travis. Christ like indeed.

    – Melinda Kerr

  • miroslava
    miroslavaover 2 years ago