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First entry

So here we go. A week and a half since I got back from Africa and I’m still downloading shots. I am now in the process of trying to get sponsorship to get an exhibition together so that the shots can be seen (complete with stories) and raise awareness. If anyone can help, any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Hey how about you red bubble guys! I can guarantee an arty audience! I will get some of the individual’s stories on line soon. Needless to say they are unbelievable. The blatent inhumanity of war and genocide is almost impossible for our minds to touch. When the stories are told to your face it is like a force 10 gale smacks you in the eye. Stories of HIV infection, horrific experience of murder performed in fornt of people and rape, rape, rape. It happened and it’s still happening and already I feel like a broken record.

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