Melinda Kerr

Melbourne, Australia

G’day all, my name is Melinda but my mates call me Mel, so feel free. I live by the beach in Elwood, Victoria, Australia. I...


Wow, controversy on the Bubble. The winner of the b&w section in the real photo comp has been found to be a fraud!
And now more questions are being asked.
Namely, why did some people win when their shots weren’t up for sale.
I have a suggestion and I’d love to know people’s thoughts.
I am not saying anyone has cheated (apart from the one RB has caught). However a cynic might say people don’t put things up for sale when they don’t have a high res enough pic. Why not ask all those who have won something to supply a high res version of their photo. If they took it, it shouldn’t be a problem. I am not trying to stir up trouble. But I do think RB should institute the rules as they were set out. Just to be fair to those concerned.

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