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Mel Hills is a Tasmanian Artist specialising in Wildlife and scientific art and in Watercolour landscapes.

The Process:

All the images I create are sourced from my own sketches and photographs gathered during my travels.
When creating scientific illustrations or animal portraits many sketches are made and exact measurements taken.

After playing around with sketches and compositions, the image is drawn onto the final surface – usually paper or board.
The image is then built up in successive layers, starting from the background. I usually try to leave white or light areas unpainted, to let the paper sing through.

Applying colour in multiple layers enables me to attain a special depth of colour and texture for fur, feathers and foliage.

The final steps involve adding hair and feather detail with increasingly fine brushes and then ultimately the highlights.

I endeavour to capture something of the place and atmosphere in my landscapes and something of the character and beauty of the animals in the portraits.
I aim to make the end image something of accurate detail and beauty that can be looked at for a long time, without becoming boring.

For more info look at my web page www.melhillswildart.com.au


  • Joined: April 2009