1st Febuary 2010 - What a great day!

Clicking my heals together
Grinning from ear to ear
On top of the world
Doing a little dance
As you might have guessed, I’m pretty happy!

I have been selected as the feature member for the group Fishlike.
4 pages of my art, featured.
Thank you so much to the group hosts Neli and Mags, I am sooooooooooo excited, honoured and appreciative. I can’t stop smiling.
Thank you to all who view my art, as many of you would know I suffer from depression and low self esteem. The medical term is Bi-Polar, I have high highs (mania) and low lows (depression), and the switch can trip at any time, no warning. I am very much all or nothing, you will see me on RB for days, loading heaps of art, in one of my manic stages, creating, creating, creating, not sleeping, just creating, creating, creating…….Then nothing, just depression, nothing, numbness. I doubt myself as an artist, I have even deleted art that only days before I loved, but during these downtimes, I doubt my ability.

I use creating to ground myself, it is the one constant I can rely on, and I’ve learnt to just draw, doodle, create and wait it out. The Redbubble community has been an integral part of this process. Your encouragement, comments, well wishes, favourites and friendship mean the world to me. Since joining Redbubble (8 months ago) you guys have all had a hand in pulling me out of depression. I appreciate you all so much. I am sooooooo excited to have my work featured all in one place like this, and my sincere thanks to the group ‘Fishlike’

Check it out Fishlike

Sincere thanks to all


  • RobynLee
    RobynLeeover 4 years ago

    I can really relate to what you said about using your art to deal w/depression (& low self-esteem) I think RB is a great outlet to get positive comments & support from so many wonderful & talented people from all over. Thanks for pointing out that RB is more than a place to sell your work(although that’s helps as well:-) Sincerely,RobynLee

  • Robynlee, thanks, totally agree with RB being more than a place for selling art, for someone like me who rarely leaves the house and is obsessed with creating, it is a great community of generous and encouraging people.

    I can not put a price on the healing aspect of RB, to be able to show my art which up until 8 months ago, sat in piles collecting dust. I feel I have made closer, more open friendships with people on RB that I’ve never met, than people in ‘real life’. Thanks so much for your comment, much appreciated. Mel

    – MelDavies

  • Lynn Moore
    Lynn Mooreover 4 years ago

    Congratulations Mel! I love your fishlike work and play : )

  • Sincere thanks Lynn, you have been one of my most avid supporters since joining RB 8 months ago, you encouragement, enthusiasm and friendship mean a great deal to me. Mel

    – MelDavies

  • luvapples downunder/ Norval Arbogast
    luvapples down...over 4 years ago

    Just looked, Congratulations :-)…………………..Norval

  • Norval, thanks so much, appreciate you checking it out. Regards mel

    – MelDavies

  • kappisan
    kappisanover 4 years ago

    I am SO HAPPY for you MEL!

    Congratulations from the heart!:D

  • Kappi, thanks so much, this looks just like two of our cats (brother and sister, Bunny and Jackson rabbit). Regards mel

    – MelDavies

  • MagsWilliamson
    MagsWilliamsonover 4 years ago

    What a brilliant response Mel, you definitely deserve it, enjoy! :0) Mags x

  • Mags, thank you so much, this is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long while. Sincere thanks, Mel

    – MelDavies

  • © Karin  Taylor
    © Karin Taylorover 4 years ago

    Hey Mel!!! You are a featured artist!!! That means you are awesome!!! But I already knew that :)
    I hope this brings many more people to come and see your amazing sculptural works and art, and to hear your story. Am so proud of you my little twin!!! You are brilliant… You shine like tge sun… Your arr embodies you and calls out who you are… To the world ut speaks volumes.. Mel
    is a creative wonder who shows us a whole new world through her eyes we get to see hiw she sees the world… It’s a world bathed in vivid colour, shimmering with light and tactile beauty!!! Congratulations on your feature today, I couldn’t be happier for you sis!! Hugzzz Karin xxx

  • Oh Karin, thanks so much, sniff, sniff, grin, grin, sook, sook. Connecting with you on the subject of healing through art has meant so much to me, I’ve been buzzing about it every since. Thanks so much for such wonderful kind words and encouragement. Best regards, your ‘NT’

    – MelDavies

  • Therese M Smith
    Therese M Smithover 4 years ago

    Congratulations dear. I am so happy (Yippee) for you. You must be proud!!!And thank you so much for sharing the fact that you are bipolar. I too am bipolar and a few other disorders. But you girl must know by now your work is excellent and so gorgeous to view. Alway something amazing. . I am so happy to have met you. We have much in common. Please write me any time (up or down). . I know what you’re feeling all to well at times. and what you written above is so much like me. I too doubt my work and delete things. But this is about you. Yoo hoo , awesome, hip hi[p hooray! Three cheers and then some more for you. best wishes dear.

  • Hey Therese, thanks so much, thanks too for sharing, I think there are probably quite a few people of RB who suffer these sort of disorders, it goes with the creative mind I am told. Really appreciate you reaching out and will definately write you, up or down (lol). Regards Mel

    – MelDavies

  • stephaniek
    stephaniekover 4 years ago

    YAY MEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Thanks Steph

    – MelDavies

  • Kim McClain Gregal
    Kim McClain Gr...over 4 years ago

    Woohoo! Congrats Mel! You deserve the feature! Also, you are a wonderful bubble friend!

  • Kim, thanks so much for your lovely words, you’ve just made my day. Mel

    – MelDavies

  • cathyjane
    cathyjaneover 4 years ago

    You are always featured in my house. You are very talented and as you know from months ago have kept me working creatively. Thanks Mel. CONGRATULATIONS

  • Thanks Cathy, really appreciate your lovely words. Regards mel

    – MelDavies