Matt's loupy lens

As some of you may know, I’m a bit of a blur freak, and have used lensbabies for a couple of years. Last year I bought a couple of hand made bendy lenses from a lovely gentleman in the US, who is even more bendy mad than I! These lenses were made with bits and pieces, very low tech, and very difficult to use.

I struggled with them for a few months, but then was distracted by something else shiny….can’t remember what now…anyway, to cut a long story short, I spoke to Matt Penfold about bendy lenses, since he said he might try and make one. I mentioned that I had a lensbaby travelling the country, currently with Adriana, but that I also had these Melholga lenses that he might be interested in.

I posted one down to him, he did his Mcgyver thing on it, and all of a sudden I have an amazing little tool that works like a treat… are some images I shot today with the fabulous Miss Bertie Page

These images are straight from the camera….unbelievably gorgeous, and although a little vignetted….I’m just blown away by them!

Thanks Matt!!!!!!


  • Sharon Hammond
    Sharon Hammondover 5 years ago

    Stop it – I can’t even make the real deal work & ur using home-made lenses…I’m gareeeen!

  • you’re not trying treasure….you know you can do it :)

    – Mel Brackstone

  • robpixaday
    robpixadayover 5 years ago

    Bendy lenses? Never knew about them. What amazing shots!!!!!

  • Soz, there’s a link to the bendy lenses now :)

    – Mel Brackstone

  • Silvia Ganora
    Silvia Ganoraover 5 years ago

    Oh my! These are gorgeous shots! Great tones and color!

  • Thanks Silvia!

    – Mel Brackstone

  • Alf Caruana
    Alf Caruanaover 5 years ago

    these are amazing, I cant stop looking at them

  • They’ve got me mesmerised too!

    – Mel Brackstone

  • Rosie Appleton
    Rosie Appletonover 5 years ago

    Looks like you had a ball Mel :-) A fabulous series, they look painted and have a lovely “feel” about them!!

  • We had a great day, Miss Bertie is fabulous!

    – Mel Brackstone

  • jemimalovesbigted
    jemimalovesbigtedover 5 years ago

    very special indeed! the shots are magical… oh the things I could learn from sitting down and supping a coffee with you about lenses. when you coming to victoria again??

  • I know NOTHING about lenses, Matt hs to keep giving me the technical details….cos I keep forgetting them….numbers you see….they don’t compute..

    – Mel Brackstone

  • Melinda Kerr
    Melinda Kerrover 5 years ago

    Straight out of the camera?? Mel that’s incredible. You should teach that sort of thing (sorry just being the cheeky Mel :) :)

  • teaching assumes you can explain what you’re doing….LOL!

    – Mel Brackstone

  • Soxy Fleming
    Soxy Flemingover 5 years ago

    gorgeous…you got some red material?

  • Miss Bertie brought some amazing red velvet with tassels!

    – Mel Brackstone

  • Jeff  Burns
    Jeff Burnsover 5 years ago

    Never tryed one but man that looks fantastic. I do love the effect

  • all you need is some bendy rubber stuff, and a few other things….Matt has a journal about it

    – Mel Brackstone

  • Melinda Kerr
    Melinda Kerrover 5 years ago

    Ha! Well regardless Mel, I love your work :)

  • Thanks Mel :)

    – Mel Brackstone