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Product review - warning.....may be confused with advertising

I have been lucky enough to win a few prizes around the traps, and the last one arrived on my doorstep a couple of days ago from the lovely people at Visible Dust, compliments of the Digital Image Cafe

Cathy MacMillan – a co-owner with her husband Todd, asked me to write a small review of the product, so here it is, warts and all. I’m not all that good with words.

I unpacked my Arctic Butterfly 724 Total Care Bundle with glee, knowing my trip to New Zealand had left my sensor with more dust bunnies than I cared to mention.

What fabulous care this company takes with it’s accessories. Zippered tailor-made PVC bag for the Arctic Butterfly, with a solid case inside that, with the Arctic Butterfly nestling into a cut-out foam bed. The Sensor Loupe also has a wonderful tailor-made PVC container, and inside there are extras too! The Loupe itself is encased in a microfibre bag with a looped closure, there’s a separate microfibre cloth to clean the screen, and in a pocket on the other side is a cord to attach to the Loupe so you can wear it around your neck, I guess to stop it being dropped. (These people must know me too well!!)

Each of the PVC bags also has a large clip so that you can hang your accessories from a convenient place, you could be a travelling sensor cleaner with a tool belt of Visible Dust tools.

The focusing screen swab was my first test, so I opened up the camera by removing the lens, then used 2 drops of liquid on the swab, wiped it gently across both focusing screen and mirror, then checked the view with the lens back on. This made quite a huge difference to start with!

I then tested the Arctic Butterfly. I loaded up the supplied batteries, took off the clear perspex lid, and turned it on. The whirling brush apparently picks up static so that it can clean off any contaminants. My sensor is a contaminant attractor, so I was hoping that we’d see a huge difference!

The 20D has a very small sensor, and therefore the opening seems quite cramped. It’s easy though, and needless to say a single sweep of the brush was all that was necessary. It looks quite clean to me!

Time to get out the Sensor Loupe! Whoa! What a fabulous accessory! You can see every millimetre of sensor, in bright clear light. What an innovation! Everyone who uses a DSLR needs one of these!

Ok, the 20D sensor still appears to have a couple of smears, which is obvious from the use of the Sensor Loupe. It’s time to check out the sensor swabs.

The supplied swabs are the 1.6X size, to suit the Canon 20D. It’s important to use the correct sized swabs.

Three drops of sensor cleaning fluid – and leave it for a few seconds. Swab the sensor by using a single pass across it. Check with the Sensor Loupe, and voila! It’s clean, shiny and ready to go.

It’s a complete and easy to use product, and I can highly recommend it!

Documentation is attached to the boxes that contain the swabs, the liquid is supplied with a flyer to give the entire directions as well, and if in doubt, there’s a wealth of information on the webpage

Great Christmas present, people!

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