• billyboy
    billyboy11 months ago

    What an absolutely amazing analogy Mel. And so true to the point.
    The world is absolutely changing faster than many of us can adapt… and the one thing most people don’t learn in school is simply how to be smart.
    Thanks for that clever insight :-)

  • I was very taken by the amount of effort the writer put into offering him options! And still no dice! I don’t suppose that guy’s going to adapt….and will probably end up in jail…

    – Mel Brackstone

  • Claire Walsh
    Claire Walsh11 months ago

    Love the adaptive nature of the tale here Mel.

  • LindaR
    LindaR11 months ago

    well that’s interesting ~ one line of work I hadn’t considered!! ;)
    great analogy to our common cultural problem ~ once you hit the wall of chosen career, or fall “off the wheel” and wonder what’s next…great example of how we need to be thinking outside the box!

  • Mark Wade
    Mark Wade11 months ago

    …so what do you do if you are a mugger…..and everyone else is a mugger?
    Soon all respect is lost for the trade since now, “everyone” can do it. After all, mugging does not take a degree to get started, and your best work will show your qualifications.
    Some muggers will point to their degrees from stately universities to qualify them as the ruler or master of mugging…making sure their status is not tarnished by such uneducated upstarts…but still…the masses of muggings will make it a passe’ venture.

  • Raymond Kerr
    Raymond Kerr11 months ago

    Very interesting and here we are in a very painful changing world !!

  • berndt2
    berndt211 months ago

    WOW. That’s an incredible realisation, and a remarkable way to illustrate the point. Thanks for sharing this – definitely a strange and unique world we’re…. transitioning to?

  • Birgitta   †
    Birgitta †11 months ago

    Wow, really good insight there. The guy was a total idiot for not taking the pills! Guh…