A suggestion for group forums

The thing to do would be to lift messaging out of the forums; then they could build it from the ground up, with input from the community.

“Subscribe”, “unsubscribe”, “ignore or vacation”, and “follow (this one message)” modes could then all be instigated; plus categorizing, organizing, saving, and deleting could then be all very specific to the messaging system. I don’t think anyone would ever regret moving messages out of the forum system of topics.
Quote from FA Moore

I thought it was worth mentioning to the general populace….the messaging system for groups is VERY broken….



  • 1randomredhead
    1randomredheadalmost 2 years ago

    Agree wholeheartedly! :-)

  • Jack McCabe
    Jack McCabealmost 2 years ago

    RB needs a more social networking option and as you say as well.

  • F.A. Moore
    F.A. Moorealmost 2 years ago

    Hi, Mel. Well for sure it’s doable; it’s just does RB staff have or would they make the time to implement something like this.

    Right now, although the groups are the heartbeat of the community, most members have turned messaging off, because they are members of 60 or more groups, sometimes a couple hundred. And messaging is an all-or-none system right now (hear from all groups, or no groups).

    Makes it tough on groups to let members know what’s up, or invite them to participate in an event.

  • Shows how much I know, I wasn’t aware you could turn messaging off….!

    – Mel Brackstone

  • F.A. Moore
    F.A. Moorealmost 2 years ago

    Oh, well, you can get it out of your activity feed, anyway, by
    It may still show up as a count (a number) next to the group name. Not sure about that.


  • oh great, thanks Frannie!

    – Mel Brackstone

  • Ahh well, there you go, I didn’t have any of those checked, but still get the number in the groups to say I’ve got messages!

    – Mel Brackstone