My name is Megs. I am just an amateur having fun with my cameras and keeping myself entertained. I am enjoying learning more of the technical sides of photography as I go and am very inspired by the talented and wonderful artists I have seen so far on Red Bubble. I hope you enjoy my work. Any comments/constructive critisism would be greatly appreciated. I learn better through speaking with others and playing around with my cameras than I do reading a book!

Happy snapping xox


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Thank you so much to all the group administrators who have featured my work in their groups. I can’t express how amazingly thrilled I am!

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Kodak Duaflex IV

I just bought a Kodak Duaflex IV! I am so excited! I can’t wait till it arrives…I hope nothing happens to it in the post :S / I can’t wait to start playing around with it and taking some TTV shots. I love all of the work on the TTV Group page. It is very inspiring. Hopefully soon I’ll have some photos of my own to add! / …also in the mail – the fisheye lensR…
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