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Mount Gambier., Australia

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i’m sixteen.
and i use photography as an escape from our flawed society.

if i was a boy i’d have acne.
wear glasses.
and live on a computer.
i like to pretend i’m gangsta.
and get ma boof on ;D
nothing can make me feel better than a fast car at night with the windows down.
i have learnt a lot.
but not hardly enough.
i worry about stuff way too much.
and i have started realising, i’m no where near normal.
i have a thousand opinions.
that all contradict themselves.
i like fighting for my beliefs.
despite the fact it gets me in trouble.
grammar is beautiful.
and the english language doesn’t get enough credit.
i am currently trying to learn how to;
speak spanish.
ride a skateboard.
save money.
i’m a nerd.
i get told everyday.
but i really don’t mind.
the public library is the best thing about mount gambier.
i wish i could stay there all day.
but i can’t.
i get attached to things easy.
and always expect the worst.
please don’t take it personally.
all my dance moves involve bobbleheading.
chicks working on cars is fucking hot.
my best friend lives hours away.
and i miss her more than anything.
my other best friend.
is a stuffed panda called bigsy.
we go on adventures.
i love culture.
and asking people questions.
pb + tella sammiches are flippin’ rad.
along with soup.

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