A Little Late Spring Cleaning

I decided my Bubble is long over due for a little spring cleaning so I have removed all my work and will be uploading new stuff very soon. Thank you for your patients during this process.


Life - Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow! Life has been so busy lately that I haven’t been of RedBubble at all really. Over the past year I have been slowly shifting my photography from animals and landscapes to people. I have now done four weddings, as well as engagement and senior/yearbook photos. It’s so much more different than photographing animals.…

I now have a small studio setup in my home. I converted an unused bedroom by removing the closet to make room. I have the backdrops, lighting, and some props.

This past Sunday I attended my first group model shoot. It was very interesting and fun. I’m looking forward to the next one. Of course that may be a while due to the fact that I’m having surgery on my right shoulder in a couple of weeks. That will put me out of commission till after Thanksgiving. Bummer.

I will be rig

Camera Bags

A month ago my Nikon D60 crapped out on me, so I bought a Canon EOS 60D. My Canon is a bit bigger than the Nikon was and I have recently added a battery grip to it, which makes it way bigger.
I have four camera bags; 2 regular shoulder bags, 1 sling style bag, and 1 backpack. I really liked the sling bag but my camera, even without the battery grip attached, barely fits in it with very little room for anything else. And there’s no way I can fit anything but the body of the camera in the regular bags.
With the backpack, I did managed to get the camera to fit in it with the grip and a 70-300mm lens attached but it’s a tight fit. I also got my flash and a 18-135mm lens in it. I’m not really digging it though.…

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on camera bags? If you could post

New Camera

The hubby surprised me this afternoon with a new camera, lenses, and a flash. I am really looking forward to learning everything I can about my new baby. I’m thinking that I should come up with a name for this one. Do you name your cameras? If so what inspired the name?

► Canon EOS 60D
► Canon EF-S 18-135MM f/3.5-5.6 IS
► Canon EF 70-300MM f/4-5.6 IS USM
► Canon 430EX II Flash

Another Sale!

Opened my e-mail today to find a wonderful surprise. To whom ever purchase an Inuyasha print, I thank you. I am honored that you enjoyed my work enough to purchase a print. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

~ Angela

Opinions Needed!

Today is a sad day. While photographing at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum during a photography class, my beloved Nikon D60 died a horrible shutter death. I’ve been looking at possible replacements and need some opinions.

I have five main wants in a camera; 12+ MP, 5+ fps burst, optical viewfinder, bracketing, & varied-angle display. The Canon EOS 60D meets all five of them.

Here’s where the opinions come in.

Have you owned/used this particular camera? Do you know someone who has? What do you think of this camera? Have you ever purchased a camera/kit from Amazon?

Thanks in advance

~ Angela

People's Choice Voting Has Begun!

On October 1st I participated in Scott Kelby’s Annual Worldwide Photo Walk. My image was chosen to be a part of the judging in the main competition. Though sadly it was not chosen as as the winner or an honorable mention, it is a part of the People’s Choice voting.

If you could please help me out by visiting the voting page and voting for my image. My photo is on page 13 (the link should take you to it), just scroll down to nearly the bottom of the page. Look for the word Tucson above the image (mine is the bird on the cactus) and click the stars under the image to vote. Thank you in advance.

~ Angela


Writing a book is so not an easy task. I have to do something because this story that keeps rolling around in my head needs to come out. My mind keeps trying to become the main character and I really don’t want or need her emotional roller coaster right now.

I’m currently researching some things that I hope will help me figure out how to wrote this story. I’m trying to develop the back-story of the main characters at the moment. Then I’ll try to work on the setting so I can eventually start the writing process. Maybe someday I will actually have a book. We shall see.

On a lighter note, I am off to the Pow Wow tomorrow with the hubby. I haven’t been to one since I was a kid. Really looking forward to the costumes and dancing and the fry bread. Have a great weekend everyone.

Really RedBubble?!

Alright Redbubble, if you are going to give us shiny new profile layouts at least warn us. Some people get their panties all in a knot when you go and change things all of a sudden. I like parts of the new layout out but I would really love the ability to move sections from one side to the other. For example: My Groups and My Journal, I would like to move them to the right hand column instead of having them all the way at the bottom of the page. And where the hell did my Calendar section go? Do I need to put out an A.P.B. or something? You are defiantly going in the right direction with things but a little more flexibility would be great. Thanks so much.


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