I am an artist, designer, dancer, photographer trying to explore my world. Right now I am working to develop my photography skills sans photoshop…maybe when I feel I am good enough I will start playing with effects but for now it is enough just to capture the world as my eye and my camera see it.

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Amazing and Surreal

This has been an incredible month. I have not done nearly as much as I wanted to with the redbubble site and with updating my artwork, but I have traveled to some amazing cities and now I am living in New York. I am so excited and scared and hopeful, I have wanted to live here for as long as I can remember. So here I am to make art, make a living, live like there is no tomorrow, and learning ever…
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Making a Choice

So it has been decided. I am moving back to the states. Not for another 4 months, but then NYC here I come. It has been an interesting journey here in London. I have met some fantastic people and had some not so fantastic experiences. (Remind me never to move out of one house before I have a new one). But as an artist, I am just not blooming as I did when I lived in California. I am content and I…
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Working it out

So this is my first step. Before now I have never looked at showing off my 2D art to a large audience. Let alone put copies up for sale. It should be interesting. It’s been hard for me finding good artistic jobs in the UK…put it down to me not knowing the system, but hopefully having a global network will help. In the mean time I can’t wait to see what people think and what else…
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