A Socio-Economic Christmas

Lately I have been questioning Christmas and its significance. Not that I don’t believe in Jesus, I do, but the belief that we have chances, hope, is what I am having a problem with. Today’s world is getting tougher and tougher for the average person. Trying to keep a family in a house is the hardest thing in the world as all prices of all things are going up but salaries are either staying the same or going down or away.

Christmas is a time of joy, peace and love. We should be embracing the day, the life that we have been offered but yet we don’t, we trudge and attempt to make it through while bearing a burden, a weight of discomfort and responsibility, while businesses conform not to religious ideals or morals, but to their own justified purpose. The Scrooges of today’s world make Scroo…

Open to Love

Let the curtains of hatred be cast open
Then look through the window of ignorance
Allowing the sunshine of wisdom take you by the hand