My love for art began a long time ago. I remember in the 2nd grade, I drew a crayon picture for an art show and won a blue ribbon. My Mom had me pose with my winning piece in our front yard for a picture, my blue ribbon proudly displayed along with a big beaming grin. I still have the picture she took, and I think that’s when I realized how important photography can be.

Photography is a universal language. Without words, it can convey and stir every possible emotion. It helps preserve our histories, our memories, our hopes and dreams. It blends beautiful art, brutal honesty and a commanding perspective. It’s a communicator, a therapist, an enemy and a best friend—whatever you need it to be.

I photograph because I simply can’t stop searching the scenery before me. It’s a research project—another crayon drawing with technology—and I love the quest.

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- 2010 Excellence Award Winner – Mt Prospect Art Festival

- 2010 Purchase Award Winner – Mt Prospect Art Festival

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Thank you to whoever purchased "Intricate" as a card on 7/3/09

Yours is my very first sale! I’m so excited that you enjoy my work, and I hope that whoever you send the card to will too. / Thank you! / Melonie
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