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Big Day - 100K Views

Happy Day – My redbubble traffic hit 100,000 views just before lunch today, just two weeks past my 3 year redbubble anniversary. Awesome, is all I can say. Looking forward to sharing here at redbubble for many more anniversaries and metric milestones. Being the analytic freak I am – here are the other critical metrics I have maintained;
Item submissions: 15,336 (includes same image, multiple groups, poetry & photography)
Comments: 4,650 (thanks to you all for your positive and constructive words)
Favorites: 1,319 (You are awesome!)
Features: 640 (Averaging 3.2 for those images with at least 1)
Top Image: Elegant Blossoms with 16,223 views and 17 Features.
Fun Quota: Limitless – here goes year four.
Special Thanks to the many talented image wizards with whom I share this magnificent hybrid social site, art store and Museum – My best to you all.

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