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Live in Montana – always have and probably always will. I have been serious about photography since I was given a “Kodak Brownie” box camera many years ago. My particular interest is wildlife photography and what you see in those images are wild and free critters in their natural environment. I am blessed to live close to Yellowstone Park where many of my images originate. I write also, having (again long ago) graduated from U of Montana with a degree in English Creative Writing/Poetry. Looking forward to meeting more creative and appreciative fans of the arts here at redbubble.

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  1. In Search of the Quintessential Image
  2. American Bison; American Legend

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“Elegant Blossoms”

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“Yellow Headed Blackbird”

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“Three Amigos”

This image was selected to illustrate the just published book;
Knowing Yellowstone; Science in America’s First National Park,
Jerry Johnson, editor
by Taylor Trade Publishing.

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clik to be transported


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“Slough Creek Campspot”

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“The Ram’s Stare”

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“Wolves Watch the Winter Bison”

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“Morning at Fishercap Lake”

uh-huh, you know the drill

“The Gentleman’s Pose”


I want to go there

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  1. Antlers, Racks, and other Horned’ Animals
  2. Even-Toed Ungulates

“Best Out West”

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  1. Prairie Sentinels of the Past
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Red Letter Day

Today my images reached a major milestone – 1000 Features! I can’t thank those fine, dedicated folks who host these groups enough for their support and encouragement. Your hard work and critical review makes Redbubble a superb place to experiment, to learn and to find inspiration. I know my skills have grown due to your discerning selection and commentary. My very best to you all. …
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Big Day - 100K Views

Happy Day – My redbubble traffic hit 100,000 views just before lunch today, just two weeks past my 3 year redbubble anniversary. Awesome, is all I can say. Looking forward to sharing here at redbubble for many more anniversaries and metric milestones. Being the analytic freak I am – here are the other critical metrics I have maintained; / Item submissions: 15,336 (includes same ima…
Posted about 2 years – 1 comments

*Featured on Home Page*

Well, like most of you I was dubious that it would ever happen and was ecstatic to see the coveted (but understated) little notice in my activity list this morning. / My image; / The Magnificent Shining Freight Train / was featured on a homepage that ran in the wee hours of the morning in America and was gone before I logged on at 6:30 a.m. so didn’t generate much buzz – but what th…
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2 Years/50,000 Views - 2/27/2011

To All My Friends and Acquaintances at redbubble; / I find it amazing that I am celebrating the 2 year bubble anniversary and my 50,000th view almost simultaneously today. There is no way to express adequately what your kind words (3,290 comments), favorites (911), features (385) and everyday support have done to encourage my focus and dedication to the art of the photographic image. I ha…
Posted about 3 years – 18 comments