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The images here often portray a search for genuine authenticity, reconciling the concepts of self, others and nature within the context...

Continued Bubble Note of Thanks

There are many, many (hundreds of) artists whose work I enjoy and respect for one reason or another. However, the following list highlights only a few artists who have made a difference to me. More explanation is offered in my writing,
Happy in the Bubble.

Martin aka Pilgrim believes “creativity is at the heart of humanity.” He is one of the creative minds who founded RedBubble. His writing on aesthetic matters (under the main RedBubble account), along with his personal writings and journal entries have inspired me and brought hope and validity to my creative process. Martin has been generous with his help and feedback even though he’s very busy. I greatly appreciate what he has done by sharing his vision, mission, commitment and time with the world through the creation of RedBubble.

This image speaks for itself by RedBubble’s Paul Vanzella

Dana DiPasquale -Dana’s portfolio was one of the first I viewed when finding RedBubble. Her photography resonates so much with me… Her images express thoughts that I cannot frame with words… and evoke emotions that are difficult to share. Everything about Dana’s art is truly unique and aesthetically beautiful. It’s been wonderful to watch her work evolve in the four months since I joined.

Carson Collins Carson’s paintings are superb. His writings, especially about the Remodernist movement, are quite enlightening and have had an impact on me. Finding his work has been a springboard to other great artists and ideas. As a newbie, I’m sometimes hesitant to engage in dialogue with such experts or masters of their field. However, Carson has been helpful, humble, patient and encouraging regarding my questions and interest.

Paul D Robertson and here. When I read Paul’s words, whether it be from his journal, writings or art descriptions, my inner world explodes. I cry for his expressed anguish, pain, beauty and passion. I laugh, sometimes out loud, at his wit, sarcasm, humor and insight. He refers to his writing as rantings but they are a peek into a brilliant mind. Paul shares about his physical and bipolar condition with great authenticity. I appreciate his humanity, talent and dedication.

Kai-Marie Kai-Marie caught my attention because she and I seemed to be moving along the same pace from beginner to not-so-beginner photographer. While we both share this new or refound obsession, Kai-Marie has been able and willing to post her work. She seems unhindered by what she doesn’t know yet, but will learn… she’s open about her learning process and in turn, people respond to her images. On the other hand, I seem to have less time (?) and am less confident in posting my finished images. Kai-Marie’s contentment with the Process has been inspiring and her documented journey is worthwhile in its own right. She’s a breath of fresh air in the often stuffy art world. She has a natural talent, an eye for composition and narrative/editorial insight. I admire Kai-Marie and often think of her across the ocean, wondering what she would do with this or that image.

Christopher Barker
This guy is talented and his work is thought-provoking. His journalistic, scenic and other photographic images make me wonder what it would be like to follow him around for a few days. And after all, Chris seems to have traveled nearly half the earth already! He is also a hero from the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, US Army. I’m proud of Christopher’s service and… I love our Styrkers!!! You can read more about him in this excellent interview by Kathleen.

aRae WOW! Another brilliant artist! Be sure to visit her RB gallery to see one of a kind sculptures. Oh shoot, I wish I could tell you about her, but I’ve run out of time.

Tania Rose Wow! She’s MAZING… at many different things. I’m running out of time so I’ll have to finish writing about her personal impact later.

And last but certainly not least, Karin Taylor

It’s peculiar and amazing how others can touch our lives without them ever realizing it. We each have the possibility to impact others in the same manner.

The artists below are not from RedBubble but have had a role in constructing my new horizon.

Jeremy C. Shipp and here.
Jeremy is an internet acquaintance from LA, CA whom I met through an online writer’s group last year. His first novel, Vacation and his other short stories deal with things i ponder too often; reality and perception, choice and fate, principles, sacrificial love, humanity, poverty, greed and government. Don’t be fooled by Jeremy’s dark dystopian writing – He’s a GEM of a human! My interactions with him led me to a current research project regarding how artists interact with their audience, not through their art, but through the internet because of their art.

SEED: Science Is Culture Magazine [Design Issue – April ‘08]
Tripped my mind on an article discussing the implications of fractal geometry with none other than Benoit Mandelbrot, himself and Paola Antonelli, a curator at the MoMA. The future of design articles opened my eyes to a new world of art… one that could possibly include me. And much more. The magazine was bought for my flight to NY but I wasn’t familiar with it nor did I realize that it featured the MoMA exhibits I planned to see. I highly recommend this magazine even if you aren’t big into science, even if you think you hate science! As an artist, there seems to be relevant articles every month. For examlpe The Most Beautiful Painting You’ve Ever Heard, Beauty is in the Processing-Time of the Beholder and Beauty and the Brain

Design and the Elastic Mind Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, NY, April ’08.

Take your time: Olafur Eliasson Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, NY, April ’08.

Evelyn Glennie is a deaf, female percussionist from Scotland. A friend rented the film, “Touch he Sound” in April while in NY. The behind the scenes portion was just as interesting, if not more than the documentary itself. As a “used to be” percussionist, I loved watching this musician in process and wished I could play like her. Some things I thought about afterward: the value of exploration for the sake of interaction, impact of curious living, personal goals & fulfillment, perceived limitations, what does it take to achieve exceptional skill and how to look for and listen to the music of life from the heart.

Zana Briski
Photographer from the UK (?). I accidentally rented her film, “Born in the Brothels” in May. Topics to think about: photography, networking, children, poverty, education, hope, using art or one’s talent to help others, career vs charity.

Jean Rouch [filmmaker, visual anthropologist] – too many ideas here to write. Came across his work while researching careers in visual anthropology and ethnography.


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