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“I’m not a psychopath, I’m a high-functioning sociopath; do your research.”

If anyone wants anything printed in a different medium or would like any tweaks done to a design to make it more suitable to your liking, all you need do is message me!

Remember, I’m not only here to post nerdy things I draw, but to sell the nerdy things I draw. If there is anything I can do to a design to make it 100% more buyable, I’ll do it!

Requests are iffy, but I’d like to hear any ideas you may have and like to see come to life.

The Nerd’s Stamp collection is the design I get requests for the most, so please refer to this post when considering requesting a custom set of stamps for yourself!

UPDATE:REQUESTS I realize I’ve been extremely crappy about responding to requests lately. Currently, I am putting requests for customized stamps on hold (exceptions possible), but if you’d like a case with pre-existing stamps (see link above), that shouldn’t be a problem. I have a very busy life lately, and it’s only gotten busier! I would like to start taking custom requests again eventually, and I apologize to anyone who’s gone ignored. Honestly, I don’t check RB messages often if I know I’m not currently doing requests. You are free to still make requests for when a time comes that I can do them, but for now, please be patient with me! THANK YOU!

If you love and buy my designs, feel free to take a photo and send it to me! I would love to see my work being enjoyed in the real world! Please message me for an e-mail address! If I ever start a FB page for my “art”, I’d love to post them there! Until then, they’ll probably be on my Tumblr.

Do you ever get bored at work and listen to Podcasts, and also like Buffy The Vampire Slayer? WELL MY FRIENDS:

I do that social media thing. Find me here: (don’t post too often on this one, but eh)

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Some of my designs are on Qwertee. I would appreciate your support via votes!

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