Making Jam For Free!

for years they budded
all around my property
on several bushes
in several places
never did I dare eat them!
only the deer dared devour them!
a friend named them for me
Autumn Olives is what they are…
then Google enlightened me
now I harvest and eat them gladly
knowing they are so good for me.

How I make my jam and also my bread spread See my video!
Free Autumn Olives grow freely and are hearty and sometimes invasive in New England.

Learn more from wikipedia:
It is a deciduous shrub or small tree growing to 4-10 m tall, with a dense, thorny crown. The leaves are alternate, 4-10 cm long and 2-4 cm wide, entire but with a waved margin they are silvery when they leaf out early in spring due to numerous tiny, scales, but turning greener above as the silvery scales wear off through the summer (unlike the related E. angustifolia, which remains silvery to leaf fall). The flowers are clustered 1-7 together in the leaf axils, fragrant, with a four-lobed pale yellowish-white 1 cm long corolla. The fruit is round to oval drupe 1 cm long, silvery-scaled orange ripening red dotted with silver or brown. When ripe, the fruit is juicy and edible, and works well as a fruit leather. It is small, extremely numerous, tart-tasting, and it has a chewable seed. It has been shown to have from 7 to 17 times the amount of the antioxidant lycopene that tomatoes have. Lycopene has been consistently shown to be useful in decreasing the risk of prostate cancer.

It has naturalized in some parts of North America, and is sometimes considered an invasive species.

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