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Thanks to whomever decided to purchase this card of one of my favorite diners. Even my elderly parents love eating here!
The Blue Plate Diner is located on Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island. About 10 minutes up the road from the internationally known seaport of Newport, Rhode Island.

This is what a sale notice looks like from RB if you haven’t seen it before:

Hi Jack,

You’ve just made a sale on RedBubble! Your work was so brilliant that someone showed their appreciation with their wallet. Unfortunately we have to mark this event with a very boring email but it is full of Useful Facts™ about the sale.

‘But when will I get this money?’ we hear you cry, and rightfully so. Well you can find out here:

1x Greeting Card of Autumn in Rhode Island | Blue Plate Diner
Backing Color: White

You’ll receive US$0.66 from this sale.

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