Zurich, Switzerland

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Dear visitor

Right at the beginning of the new millennium I got infected by the photo-virus.
I started by taking pictures of sports events and I enjoyed it a lot. After a while
I became a real picture-lover and I found out, that I can do great and beautiful pictures by myself. From that point my hobby was getting bigger and bigger and
my equipment too. My first camera was a Nikon Coolpix 5000, then D70, D80
and currently D300.

Whenever I have time I go out “hunting”. I always find great moments in nature
that help me to find my inner and outer balance. I like my pictures to be colourful,
sharp and clean and I try to show the things from their most beautiful side.
Also the arrangement and the background are very important to me. Because of
my profession as graphic designer I’m able to improve the quality of my pictures.
I live in Zurich (Switzerland). I love travelling anywhere, twice a year I’m visiting
New York – never without my camera!

Because I’m doing yoga and meditation in my daily live, my view on pictures is
also a spiritual one. My pictures have to be pure, innocent, peaceful, inspiring and positive.

I hope you enjoy my picture-world!

My equipment:
80-400mm NIKKOR
80-200mm NIKKOR
70-300mm NIKKOR
18-200mm NIKKOR
150mm SIGMA

  • Joined: September 2008